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What To Expect From CBD As A Beginner

What To Expect From CBD As A Beginner
So, you're starting your CBD journey and curious about what you should expect. Perhaps you heard about CBD on TV, in conversation with a friend or read an article online. While the benefits of CBD are widely published, first-time users often have no idea what to expect from their first few doses. 

What Is CBD?

What is CBD

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the most common cannabinoid found in hemp. CBD can be found in every strain of cannabis to varying degrees, along with many other cannabis compounds. 
CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, unlike THC, attributed to the stoned feeling that cannabis is often associated with. CBD is fascinating because it offers many therapeutic effects that cannabis provides without getting its users high. 
CBD products come in the following different forms:  For fast uptake, we advise taking CBD prducts that are inhaled, such as vapes and flowers. CBD ingested products take time to absorb but last in the system much longer. There's a CBD product for everyone, depending on their needs, condition and lifestyle. 

What Does CBD Feel Like The First Time?

What Does CBD Feel Like First Time

In short, CBD will offer a feeling of calmness the first time you take it. The degree to which you feel this depends entirely on the quality of CBD taken and your endocannabinoid system
Each of us is born with a network of cannabinoid receptors throughout our bodies. More precisely, the CB2 receptors are stimulated when you ingest CBD. Mostly beneath the neck, CB2 receptors are studied for their therapeutic effects and potential health benefits. Among its effects include anti-inflammation, CBD relaxes its users. 
Some users experience a mildly lightheaded experience their first time using CBD - especially with inhalation products. This reaction is often attributed to the new sensation of inhaling vaporized cannabis extracts, as it's uncommon for users to feel this with continuous use. 
A key characteristic of CBD products that can influence the first-time effects is if the product is isolate based or broad/full-spectrum. 
If you're curious about what happens if you take too much CBD, check out our article: CBD Oil Overdose: Can You Take Too Much?

Isolate CBD vs Full Spectrum CBD

Isolate CBD vs Full Spectrum CBD

The first-time effects of CBD when taking isolate products differ greatly from when taking total spectrum products. 
Isolate CBD products contain only one cannabinoid; CBD. Cannabis extract is distilled to remove even the lowest quantities of THC and other minor cannabinoids. 
Full spectrum CBD products contain most cannabinoids that are naturally found in cannabis. Cannabis extract is not overly processed, leaving traces of THC and other minor cannabinoids. 
Due to the 'Entourage Effect' phenomenon, we experience more profound effects from CBD products accompanied by minor cannabinoids like trace THC, CBG and CBC. The presence of cannabis terpenes also intensifies this effect. Terpenes are the building blocks of essential oils and are responsible for the unique smells and flavours found in cannabis strains. 
CBD isolate-based products such as our CBD shatters will have a more subtle effect for first-timers than our CBD flower range because shatters are isolate-based, and flowers are full spectrum. 

How To Have The Best First-Time CBD Experience

How To Have The Best First-Time CBD Experience

Depending on your experience with cannabis products, you'll want to consider starting your journey on a low dose of CBD to see how it affects you. If you've experienced THC before, it's unlikely that CBD will overwhelm you. However, if you've never tried a cannabis product before, we suggest you begin with something CBD isolate or broad-spectrum, as even trace levels of THC can have a subtle effect on first-timers. Our 250mg EQL CBD oil is an excellent starting oil, as it has no THC and easily offers medium-sized doses.
For those who have taken cannabis products before, there's less need to be as careful about trace levels of minor cannabinoids, opening up the door to products like CBD flowerwax, and hash
We've written a guide on calculating the ideal CBD oil dosage to help first-timers and those not getting the desired effects from their current CBD regime. 

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