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Are you interested in the hemp/cannabis industry? Do you have an online audience that would be interested in CBD?

If you answered yes then we could be a great match! Anyone can easily join and profit from our affiliate program.

So How Does it Work?



Click on this link and complete the registration with our partners at VWA.LA


Email Us

Then email us with a link to the site/social account where
you will be promoting HempElf for approval.

*Unapproved applications will not earn commission


Start Promoting

Once approved, you will be provided with a unique promo code to refer Leads to our site and track your referral sales. Any sales made using that code will generate a commission.


Get Paid

Our base commission is 10%. We pay our affiliates at the end of the calendar month via bank deposit for any
sales more than 30 days old and as long as you are compliant with our terms and conditions. To continue earning commissions, you must bring at least 10 sales every month.

A Few Do's and Don'ts

Please DO promote HempElf
to your friends and network
and mention our products.

Please DO NOT use the
discount code as a way to
entice sales. We would
request that customers are
referred to HempElf
because of the quality of
our products and the
strength of our customer service.

Please DO NOT use
affiliation codes that may
cause offence to others.
Any codes which could be
seen to be offensive, or
imply offensive language
will be removed and the
affiliate will lose their
status and commission.

Please DO NOT advertise
your affiliation link on
websites that primarily act
as a discount voucher site.

Terms & Conditions

A qualified Lead is defined
as a referral of a customer
who is not already a
customer of

Affiliate commission and
discount codes are not valid
during sale periods.

We do not pay by PayPal or

We have the right to change
our terms if needed.

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