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Doze CBD: Our Most Potent CBD Flower Picks For Sleep

Doze CBD
We find that most people are searching for a CBD flower that will help them doze off and enjoy a restful night's sleep. Typically, this is best achieved with our strongest, most resinous CBD flowers. Beyond strength, the cannabis profile needs to be optimized to achieve the perfect CBD doze. Some strains have effects that would do the opposite of inducing a doze - energizing strains like Sweet Peach from The Goods would work against your efforts to sleep. 
Let’s take a look at the strongest CBD strains you can get in the UK right that will get your doze on. 

Why Do Some Strains Have Doze CBD Effects?

Doze CBD Effects

Hard hitting relaxing strains often share similar terpene profiles and high percentage of cannabinoids. Terpenes are the building blocks of essential oils, and are what cause for some strains to smell like fruits or gas. Some terpenes are energizing, while others have the effect to induce a doze. CBD strains that have doze effects typically have the following terpenes in their profiles: To read more into the effects of CBD on our sleep, don’t miss our article “CBD & Sleep: A Surprising Side_Effect

Our Top Picks For Doze CBD Flowers

Purple Cheese CBD Flower

Purple Cheese CBD Flower
One of our newest additions to our CBD flower collection, Purple Cheese has the profile of funky cheese and mouth watering fruit. It also comes in beautiful shades of purple and green, showing a high concentration of a rare cannabis compound called flavonoids. Its flowers are dense, resinous and incredibly sticky - showing an obvious CBD potency. We find this strain to have strong sedative effects, offering calming and euphoric effects. You can read more about Purple Cheese here. 
Trim: Dense & Sticky, hand trimmed to perfection with perfectly intact trichomes.
Effect: Calming and Euphoric.
Flavor: Funky, fruity cheese. 

Strawberry Kush CBD Flower

Strawberry Kush CBD Flower

One of the most popular CBD flowers on the market with over 135 reviews, Strawberry Kush is a fast hitting relaxing fruity strain. As you would expect, it is on the sweeter side, made up mostly of berry and candy flavors, with a hint of dank musk and gas. The buds look just like the classic green you might be used to, with a high quality hand-trimmed finish to ensure that there’s nothing but the most resinous plant material for your smoking/vaping experience. The buds range in size from medium to large - depending on the batch. This is a high resin producing flower, so expect to get sticky fingers handling it’s buds. 
Trim: Large buds, dense and sticky. 
Effect: Uplifting and calming. 
Flavor: Sweet & earthy. 

OG Kush CBD Flower

OG Kush CBD Flower

A true old school relaxing strain, OG Kush features a hard hitting dank aroma with tones of minty freshness, cheese and intense skunk. It is another indoor grown CBD flower with strong dozing CBD effects that will induce a chilled feeling soon after being inhaled. Typically this CBD strain produces very big flowers, dripping in resin coated pistons and matured orange hairs. Its purple tones can sometimes make the flower appear darker, as there is a high concentration of the flavonoid Anthocyanin
Trim: Dense, sticky, large sized. 
Effect: Uplifting, relaxing, social. 
Flavor: Kush, diesel, earthy. 

Zkittlez CBD Flower

Zkittlez CBD Flower

Famously, Zkittlez has been a regular cannabis cup winner for its intense burst of flavor and resin potency. Its smell is so potent that we often find it to be a strain that requires more stealth than others - once the smell proof seal is broken, be very cautious with this flower! It has the profile of ripe grapes, fruit gummy candies and peppery dankness. Each nug is extremely dense, and as you can expect, very sticky to touch. 
Trim: Dense, frosty, medium-sized. 
Effect: Energetic, clear-headed, focused. 
Flavor: Grape, sweet, fruity.

CBD Flower “Shake” - Budget Option

CBD Flower “Shake”

If you’re looking for an easy way to doze with CBD on a budget, look no further than our CBD shake. It’s the small buds, trichomes and small flower particles that don’t make the cut for whole flower bags. Each bag of CBD shake contains a mixture of many different CBD strains, all of which are our high quality indoor variants, potent in resin production and terpene flavors. While we agree that it’s nice having large sparkling CBD nugs, these are a great option for those looking to doze on CBD without having to pay more than they can afford. 

Other Ways To Doze With CBD?

Ways To Doze With CBD

CBD flowers are just one category that people find can help them achieve a relaxing dose. Other products that can help you reach that state are CBD extracts, like our CBD waxes, CBD shatters and CBD diamonds & sauce. The same rules apply to CBD extracts - profiles with certain cannabis profiles will cause dozing effects, such as Granddaddy Purple CBD wax
We also find that high strength CBD oils can be helpful in achieving a doze state, especially with the addition of terpenes. One CBD oil that we can’t recommend highly enough is the 1000mg terpene infused CBD oil by EQL. One pipette fills up with a minimum of 33mg of CBD and other minor cannabinoids, along with a delicious dank terpene profile. This is a slower acting method to achieve a doze feel with CBD, however it can last longer than CBD flowers and CBD extracts. 
Our recommendation is that you start with the product type that feels most comfortable and compatible for you, and see what works best for you. We are all different, and experience CBD differently due to our unique endocannabinoid systems

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