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New UK CBD Flower Strain: Purple Cheese 

Purple Cheese CBD Flowers

Purple Cheese is our newest CBD flower on site. Cheese CBD flowers are highly sought after in the UK, most likely due to our long relationship with cheese tasting cannabis strains. Our love for Cheese cannabis strains goes back to the 90s, when a Skunk #1 seed was planted in the city of Luton to sprout a unique cheese smelling phenotype. For over a decade, the UK went mad on cheese tasting cannabis strains. 

Late last year, we released our first ever CBD dominant Cheese strain - grown by The Goods. Many touted it as being reminiscent of the “old-school” Cheese they loved from the 90s. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so much so, that behind the scenes we’ve been working with our growers to develop new strains using our popular CBD Cheese strain. 

After much research, we stumbled upon a highly unusual phenotype that featured a truly unique funky cheese aroma, unlike our original strain. Furthermore, it produces beautiful purple flowers that indicate a high concentration of flavonoids - a highly sought after cannabis compound. 

The deep purple colors are due the presence of a flavonoid called Anthocyanin. This flavonoid is often touted for its antioxidant properties, and is common in many beneficial foods such as purple cabbage, blueberries etc. We knew we had stumbled upon something special as soon as the first few flowers began sprouting, and began taking cuttings for cultivation in our indoor facility 

Smell & Flavor Of Purple Cheese CBD Flowers

Smell & Flavor Of Purple Cheese CBD Flowers

Upon first smell and drag, you will quickly smell and taste the familiar old school cheese tones, reminiscent of the 90s cannabis glory days. Purple Cheese comes through with more funk and fruit than our original Cheese, almost adding a touch of sweetness that wasn’t there before. We believe that there are slightly more terpenes found in our Purple Cheese.

Some of the terpenes you’ll find in our Purple Cheese are myrcene, octanoic acid, butyrate, ethylmethyl acetic acid, hexanoic acid, isovaleric acid and methyl mercaptan. Myrcene is what brings out that funky flavor that differentiates Purple Cheese from our original Cheese. 

Appearance Of Purple Cheese CBD Flower

Purple Cheese flowers are very purple. They are also mostly medium to large sized nugs - similar to their predecessor. Its resin production is also astounding. Each flower is coated with CBD trichomes, reaching into the cracks and joining together due to their sheer density. This makes the flowers very sticky to touch, and supports our belief that it has a higher terpene percentage than the original Cheese. 

The buds are cured to perfection. Squeezing these dense flowers with hard force makes little change to their shape. There’s a small amount of space separating each segment, as each bud is hand trimmed to remove even the smallest leaves from the stalk. 

There’s a mild coating of orange hairs that offer a beautiful contrast against the mostly purple and slight green colors these flowers produce.  

Effects of Purple Cheese CBD Flower

This is a deeply relaxing strain, similar to other strains that contain high percentages of the terpene Myrcene. We find that it makes for a great end of day strain that can be perfectly paired with indica leaning profiles for a comfortable rest. We’re particularly fond of using Purple Cheese during those particularly stressful moments where a relaxing cannabis profile can be favorable. 

It can induce the munchies, a symptom of most potent cannabis strains. A great way to mitigate this is by chewing on some black pepper and even consuming some CBDa - a cannabinoid found in our Diamonds & Sauce that is known to act as an appetite suppressant. Our honest opinion is in most cases to treat the munchies as a blessing and reward the body with healthy food when it starts to feel hungry.

We have also found Purple Cheese to be an aid in social situations, loosening the pressures many of us feel when in large crowds and helping us come out of our shells. Each of us has a different endocannabinoid system, and this can cause certain strains to have different effects on us. However, within our team, we’ve noticed that we’ve had particularly close and meaningful sessions together while using Purple Cheese. 

End Thoughts

Without a doubt, Purple Cheese is one of those legendary cannabis strains you’ll not want to miss out on. It is a huge step forward for the CBD flower scene, and demonstrates how we can take a legacy strain from the 90s, and use modern inspirations to create something brand new. 

In many ways, Purple Cheese has all the green ticks of a high quality indoor CBD strain. It looks immaculate, exudes strong terpenes, is caked with trichomes and smokes/vapes top shelf. What we particularly like is that it carves a new chapter in the direction of CBD flowers in the UK. For so long, we have seen the same profiles emerge - sweet, pine, earthy and grassy. Perhaps we’re getting spoiled for flavor, but it’s refreshing to see something truly new, unique, and unseen enter the market to set a new bar. 

We believe that this marks the start of a new wave of exotic cannbinoids and terpenes, and we’re excited to be working with The Goods to show you just how amazing it will be. Keep your eyes peeled for more, as we’re soon to drop some new cannabis profiles that are sure to wow in similar ways!


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