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CBD Oil vs Water Soluble CBD

CBD Oil vs Water Soluble CBD

First Pass Metabolism

To understand the difference in absorption between oil and water soluble, we must first understand First-pass metabolism. First-pass metabolism is a phenomena in drug and plant delivery science. During this phase, the concentration of CBD is greatly reduced before it reaches systemic circulation. 

This fall in concentration results in a fall in bioavailability - which simply means the body is not absorbing much CBD. First-pass Metabolism only occurs when orally ingesting CBD (so not applicable to any inhalation). This is why many CBD oil users are encouraged to hold the oil in their mouth against thin skin close to blood - to encourage additional absorption in hopes of increasing the bioavailability of CBD. 


CBD oil, while very effective - especially when held sublingually for a minute or more, can struggle to pass through the gut lining. This is due to the size of the CBD particles, many of those particles will end up not being broken down by enzymes and pass through the liver for processing.

Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD

This new innovative way to consume CBD overcomes the first-pass effect. Keep in mind that the body is 50-60% water, delivering CBD in a water soluble starts to make sense. 

Water Soluble CBD

The technique that water soluble CBD is made is called the Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System. It is a great way to improve a compound like CBD that ordinarily won't dissolve in water and improve it's bioavailability. 

Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD particles are smaller than CBD oil particles. These nano-particles are CBD already made bioavailable with a coating of oil that emulsify in water to offer what is thought to be an improved rate of efficiency. The end result appears cloudy, with subtle taste. 

Water Soluble CBD

This conversion process succeeds in overcoming the first-pass effect and allows CBD to be consumed orally without loosing bioavailability. 

The Benefit of Water Soluble

When most people try water soluble after oil, they notice how versatile it can be. You can add it to any beverage, enjoy the flavour and prepare CBD into an active lifestyle. 

Water Soluble CBD

Bioavailability can be lost through CBD oil, however since the First-pass effect is bypassed, this should not be an issue with water soluble. 

Water Solubles are often infused with other minor ingredients that compliment CBD well, such as turmeric, black pepper and zinc. 

Water Soluble CBD


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