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Why Does Water-Soluble CBD Feel So Potent?

Why Does Water-Soluble CBD Feel So Potent?
The effects of CBD are often described as mild body relaxation accompanied by a floaty, dreamy sensation. The extent to which a user will feel anything has a lot to do with the type of product they are consuming. Some products, like CBD oils, take a long time to take effect; however, they can have powerful relaxing effects that last throughout the day. It's unusual to find an orally consumed CBD product that has an immediate and potent effect; that's why water-soluble CBD drops fascinate us. 
Water-soluble CBD drops are formulated differently from CBD oils. As a result, they can be mixed into any drink and consumed in much smaller volumes. The increased potency of water-soluble CBD is due to a natural process that CBD is used to improve our uptake of the CBD compound. To help you understand water-soluble CBD, we'll explain what it is, why it is so potent, and how to best use it. 

What Is Water-Soluble CBD?

What Is Water-Soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD is CBD oil that has undergone nanotechnology to break down its compounds into smaller, more bioavailable particles. 
This process offers two significant advantages for water-soluble CBD:
  • CBD can mix it into any drink
  • CBD absorbs faster into the bloodstream
When we consume CBD, it undergoes what is known as the First-Pass effect. Depending on the particle size, CBD will have to go through a network of barriers to break through our bloodstream. The larger the particles, the less likely they will be absorbed in their entirety. Therefore products like CBD oils that contain regular CBD compounds are never fully absorbed into our bloodstream. Water-soluble CBD includes particles much smaller than regular CBD, bypassing the first-pass effect. This means that 100% of the CBD in a water-soluble product will be absorbed into the bloodstream, offering maximum bioavailability. 

How Is CBD Oil Turned Into Water-Soluble CBD?

How Is CBD Oil Turned Into Water-Soluble CBD?

To turn CBD oil into a water-soluble product, it undergoes a nanoemulsion process. The process has been used for some time in the pharmaceutical world to help improve the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients. 
There are several ways to perform nanoemulsion on CBD oil; however, the cleanest method used by EQL is via ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonication uses mechanical vibrations from ultrasound waves to create pressure variation in the emulsion system. This processing leads to microjet and shock-wave impacts and collisions between particles, resulting in particle-size reduction. 
We are particularly fond of this method because it is entirely solventless and natural. CBD particles are reduced in size by causing them to collide with each. 

How Should You Use Water-Soluble CBD?

How Should You Use Water-Soluble CBD?
Unlike CBD oils, water-soluble CBD is much more bioavailable, meaning you'll absorb more of it. For example, 1ml of CBD oil containing 30mg of CBD will be less potent than 1ml of water-soluble CBD that contains 30mg of CBD. Here are some great ways to add water-soluble CBD into your daily routine:
  • Add to hot drinks
  • Add to cold drinks
  • Add to edibles 
  • Add to creams/body lotions
You can add water-soluble CBD to any drink, regardless of temperature. Interestingly, water-soluble CBD can be used to increase the absorption speed of edibles, which are notorious for being slow acting. The reduced particle size also makes water-soluble effective topically as a cream or balm. 
Here are some things you should not do with water-soluble CBD:
  • Don't put it directly onto your tongue
  • Don't vape it 
  • Don't take large quantities at once
  • Don't consume until you shake it
Water-soluble CBD has a very concentrated flavour in its undiluted form. Therefore, we advise that you mix it into something before consuming it. 
Unlike distillate, you cannot vape water-soluble CBD as it is not designed to be heated up to those temperatures. 
When it comes to dosing water-soluble, we strongly advise against large doses. It is already entirely bioavailable; therefore, it will absorb into your bloodstream efficiently. 3-5 drops are usually enough for most people. 
Most water-soluble CBD products are blended with additional beneficial ingredients like curcumin, ginger and pinene. To ensure all the components are mixed adequately, shake your bottle for 5-10 seconds before use. 

Which Water-Soluble CBD Products Do We Recommend?

Recommended water soluble CBD

After vetting most of the products on the market, we found that the water-solubles by EQL are of the highest quality in the UK. 
They are manufactured to GMP standards, ensuring they are made to the exact requirements of a pharmaceutical product. This certification also guarantees continued consistency throughout their production line, avoiding the dosing discrepancies plaguing the CBD industry. They come in two mouthwatering flavours with unique formulation blends to support different lifestyles: Our in-house favourite is to mix 3 drops of the Lemon & Ginger water-soluble with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning for a delicious, balanced start to the day. 

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