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Weed Christmas Ideas For Jolly Nostalgia Vibes

Christmas Cannabis ideas
It might be no surprise that we elves are big fans of Christmas. Nothing beats the warm cosy feeling of heavy doses of CBD during the holidays. So despite this being our busiest time of the year, you can bet your egg nog that we'll be medicating every moment we get. We'll huddle together in the breakroom, puffing on CBD doobies and sipping medicated tea, eager to get your Christmas orders packed and ready for the big day!
To help you get through our favourite time of the year, we've created this list of fun, weedy activities to get you in the same spirit as us Hemp Elves. 

Roll A Gingerbread Man Joint

Gingerbread man joint

We recently stumbled upon a video by Vice showing the creation of the gingerbread man joint, and it had us drooling. Not only is it adorable and clearly potent, but we can make one better - Vice should have known better and asked us Elves...
The joint-making process is pretty easy; anyone can make the gingerbread man joint as long as they have patience. The video by Vice has us building the gingerbread man's limbs, torso and head, sticking them all together, with a final drizzle of shatter over one side to add potency and... personality. 
We love the idea, but it needs something added! It needs to taste like a gingerbread man! We do this by crumbling Pumpkin Spice CBD Wax and Spiced Apple CBD Wax into the herb before rolling. 
If you've got the following bits, you'll be ready to make your own gingerbread man joint:

Medicated Tea

Cannabis infused tea

Something about this time of the year makes us elves dose up more than usual. Maybe it's our obsession with CBD-infused tea... it's so warm and cosy, who could blame us! Some say it will be a particularly cold Christmas this year, so why not turn those boring cups of tea into something with a kick. 
To make a warming CBD-infused brew, you'll need some CBD! This can be in the form of CBD extract or CBD flower. 
If you're using CBD flower, steep the material in boiling water for 15 minutes. If you're using CBD extract, stir it into the water until it dissolves. 
Now, add a bag of your favourite tea (ours is English Breakfast) and steep for 3-5 minutes. Your infused tea is nearly ready - all that's missing is milk. Milk won't just make your tea taste great; it will help increase the overall potency of your drink. CBD binds to fats, so try to use milk with lots of fat if you want a potent medicated tea.  
If you have the following bits, you can make medicated tea:

Watch Elf... High

Watch Elf High
Not only did Elf show the world what it is like for us to be an elf, but it is also one of the most incredible pieces of comedy to grace our screens. Nothing beats enjoying this classic while surrounded by a selection of CBD dabs, flowers and edibles for its 1 hour 37min duration. 
We recommend starting with some 32mg Rainbow Heart gummies, which should take effect halfway through the movie. Then, as you watch Buddy chew his way through candy-laced spaghetti, you'll be thankful that you, too, have a sweet treat to cure the craving. 
You'll next want something to have a more immediate effect; this is where the dabs and flowers come in. Using either a dab rig or an electronic dabber, take hits of Pumpkin Spice CBD Wax or Spiced Apple CBD Wax. These two profiles will have you literally tasting the essence of this movie while dosing on powerfully concentrated forms of CBD.
If dabbing isn't your thing or you seek more potency, proceed to roll up or vape some CBD flower. You could even prepare a gingerbread man joint for this movie if you've thought that far in advance. 
By the end of the movie, you'll know everything there is to know about us elves whilst grinning in pure bliss from all the CBD tantalising your cannabinoid receptors. 
If you've got the following bits, you'll be ready to watch Elf as we would:

Cannabis Christmas Decorations

Cannabis decoration idea

Make a beautiful and fragrant clove-stuffed orange laced with weed! We love these little creations because they look great and have the effect of spreading their pleasant smell far through most rooms. 
Take any orange, and poke its skin with a sharp pencil in a pattern you choose. These little holes will make room for clove heads to be inserted. Immediately, you should start to smell the beautiful combination of fresh orange and cloves, sending you through the nostalgia of Christmas. But, here's where things get dank. Get a bottle of cannabis terpenes, and drop a single droplet into the orange through one of the holes you made with the pencil. By doing this, we are injecting the smell and flavour of cannabis, obviously improving this already dope Christmas decoration!
To make cannabis-laced clove stuffed oranges, you'll need the following:

Sprinkle Christmas "Snow" On Your Joints

CBD Isolate sprinkle

There's nothing more magical than a white Christmas. Snow looks so pretty, especially when you learn to make snow during your Christmas session. 
After you've ground up your herb and laid it flat on a piece of rolling paper, sprinkle some CBD isolate as a final layer to increase the potency of your doobie. You can also spread CBD isolate over a bowl on a bong or in a vaporiser for a similar effect. 
The perfect amount of "snow" is a fine pinch, don't create a snowstorm, your joint won't burn properly, or worse, you'll sleep through Christmas. 
Grab yourself a jar of CBD isolate now to try it out yourself!

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