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Top 5 CBD Extracts In The UK

Top 5 CBD Extracts In The UK

Ever since dabbing on the go became possible, CBD extracts have become an increasingly popular way to consume CBD. 

CBD extracts are concentrated forms of cannabinoids found in hemp, and therefore reflect the quality of the plant material being extracted. Unfortunately, the CBD market is rife with poor quality CBD extracts. You may have experienced some of these yourself, with common characteristics such as a weak, hay-like flavor and impure colors and residue. 

We’ve been around since CBD first became legal in the UK, and have curated a list of our top 5 CBD extracts that are clean, delicious and potent. 

1. The Goods CBD Wax

The Goods are the largest name when it comes to CBD extracts in the UK. They pioneered the scene when bringing out their first few CBD waxes a few years ago. Importantly, they are the only CBD extract brand in the UK that extracts their own product in-house. This means that they have full control over their quality and consistency, never failing to bring out top shelf CBD products year after year. 

We like that they offer both cannabis derived terpenes and fruit derived terpenes to cater to all tastes. While most cannabis derived terpenes cost a hefty premium, they keep the price low - passing the savings of producing in-house over customers. Their waxes test at a whopping 80% CBD, 20% minor cannabinoids and the perfect infusion of terpenes. They often bring out limited edition CBD waxes such as their Daiquiri profile

2. Potent Full Spectrum CBD Shatter

This unique CBD extract that uses traditional cold butane extraction methods to produce a shatter is one of the first CBD extracts that we’ve put our name on. It’s the result of collaborative work with us, our cultivator and a cannabis laboratory to create a first in the CBD space. 

It tests at 50% CBD, along with a hefty portion of minor cannabinoids and extremely rare cannabis derived terpenes. Unlike most other CBD extracts, this is very sticky at room temperature. We’ve seen people use this extract to make very unusual looking joints, but most people dab them using a quartz rig or a wax pen

3. The Goods Diamonds & Sauce

Some are calling these the most potent CBD extracts out there, due to the combination of an entourage of cannabinoids and supercharged flavor. CBDa diamonds are drenched in a cannabis derived terpenes rich sauce of CBD distillate, bringing together all the key cannabis compounds in full intensity. 

CBD Diamonds & Sauce test at 70% CBD, however they might as well be the strongest CBD extract on this list due to the phenomenal effects they’ve had on us and others alike. 

They come in 3 flavors, Blue Razz, Lavender Kush and AAAA Grade, all of which are cannabis derived terpenes. They are seriously flavourful, so if you find yourself favoring the weaker profiles, these might not be for you!

4. The Goods CBD Shatter

Unlike the full spectrum CBD shatter above, this is an isolated CBD version of CBD shatter. That means that it is 99% pure CBD, and forms crystals rather than a sticky consistency. 

It is one of the most pure tasting CBD extracts available, coming through with the flavors of its terpene profile. Some people prefer it over other CBD extracts because it draws out the fruity, gassy profiles more than the herb flavors that can come from cannabis extracts. 

For those that are particularly sensitive to THC, it is an excellent option due to the complete lack of THC due to the isolation of CBD. 

5. Highkind

Highkind have been curating a great lineup of CBD extracts over the years, with a great collection of cannabis derived terpene profiles. They are the only other CBD brand that we can consider in our list of CBD extracts apart from The Goods. 

Their prices are on the higher end, leading us to think that they don’t actually make the extract or the terpenes like some of the lower priced options out there. Nonetheless, they’re solid and offer a pleasant dabbing experience. 

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