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The New Dynavap Model: VONG (I) Titanium 

New Dynavap Vong Titanium UK store

Dynavap consistently comes out with the most exciting vaporizer drops in the industry. Their latest drop for 2021 is the VONG (I) Titanium, a mostly titanium battery free vaporiser that raises the bar for battery free vaporisers. 

This latest Dynavap, the VONG (I) Titanium is a total upgrade of the more traditional VONG. Both the new and old VONG are incredible vaporisers for use with glass pieces, however the move from wooden components to Titanium improves the overall performance of this battery free vaporiser. 

What is the Dynavap VONG?

New Dynavap Vong Titanium against metal background

Before we step into the key differences between the old VONG and the new VONG (I) Titanium, it’s important to understand what sets this vaporizer model apart from the rest of the Dynavap models

The VONG stands for “Vape on Glass”. In the cannabis world, glass refers to the hardware like bongs, dab rigs and pipes. Dynavap built the VONG “mouthpiece” in such a way so that it can be used by mouth, or by sliding it into a glass piece with 10-14mm dimensions. 

Prior to the change to all titanium, Dynavap has always designed the VONG to be one of their most durable vaporizers. The old model was lined with titanium and caped with titanium crowns on either end. 

It’s shorter than most of the other Dynavap vaporizers, due to the fact that it is built for glass pieces, so it is assumed that the vapor will cool through the attached device. 

What Is New about the VONG (I) Titanium? 

What is new about the Titanium Vong dynavap

One of the features that made the previous VONG so popular was the beautiful artisan wood sleeve that wraps around the vaporizer body. Surprisingly though, this later proved to be a design flaw. 

The original wood on the original VONG would expand and change shape over time due to the organic nature of wood. The rest of the device is made out of Titanium, a metal that does not change shape like wood. 

Wood really seemed to cause Dynavap issues when it came to getting the VONG sleeve to “spin” around the body - a nifty feature that excited a lot of people but unfortunately faced consistency issues. 

In a discussion about some of the problems faced by the old VONG, Dynavap founder George Breiwa said, “The rotating sleeve is something that we wanted to incorporate as we were putting together and assembling some of our initial prototypes. We knew that wood was a challenging material to work with because of humidity fluctuations, and on top of that, the overall geometry of all these Titanium parts being precision machined and being able to press fit together, maintain alignment and have everything work; we knew it was a tall order.  So in hindsight, we shouldn’t have even advertised it as a feature. But it was just such a cool thing and we wanted people to know about it. So, in the end, we got a little bit ahead of ourselves.”

Now that the new VONG (I) Titanium has abandoned the use of organic materials like wood and adopted an ultra precise titanium sleeve, we suspect they will see a significant drop in consistency issues. 

This removal of wood has resulted in a much smoother experience when operating the kinetics of the vaporizer. We’ve noticed that the airflow rotation controls are smoother than they’ve ever been. 

George had previously shared the goals he had set himself last year in preparation for the new VONG (I) Titanium, “So the goal over the course of the next year is to come up with a way that we can make the VonG a more modular device. So that the components are separable. So that we can have a selection of various wood sleeves, or sleeves made from any variety of materials available as well as manufacturable by some of the other makers out there in the DynaVerse. So improvements, definitely on the way but not likely to show up in the next few months.”

In some ways, he’s managed to stick to that mission, in that the new VONG (I) Titanium is a more modular device. Dynavap has shared with us that while the new VONG comes with a titanium sleeve, there will be a range of interchangeable sleeves coming soon. 

What excites us most about what George said is his hopes to work with creators to design 3rd party VONG (I) Titanium sleeves that deviate from the Dynavap brand. 

Without a doubt, glass artists like Glass Charlie who are experts in making glass for Dynavap vaporizers will be creating amazing accessories. 

The final improvement worth mentioning is how much easier the VONG (I) Titanium is to clean. All the components can easily be removed, soaked in ISO and reassembled. Being able to clean every part of the vaporizer will ultimately lead to a much better vaping experience.

How Is The New Dynavap VONG (I) Titanium 2022 Made?

How is the new dynavap vong titanium made

When the VONG (I) Titanium is compared against the other 2022 Dynavap models, it is clear that it is a very different device in many ways. It physically takes a different shape; being shorter and fatter than the other models. For this reason, many of the components for the VONG are exclusive to the VONG. 

George continues to say in his discussion about the VONG, “All of these parts need to fit in just right. The crown needs to interface with the full titanium liner and the other crown, and pressed together with the right geometry so that it takes force to press them together so they don’t easily separate; as well as have all the right clearances and tolerances.“ 

It’s clear that to get the level of precision needed to achieve the quality of this newest 2022 Dynavap model, George had to find the best people and equipment to bring this to market. Unlike many of Dynavap's competitors that use electrical components, often in mass production factories with little regard to the lifetime of the product, Dynavaps can function well for a lifetime. 

Our Final Thoughts: New Dynavap 2022 VONG (I) Titanium

Final Thoughts on new dynavap vong titanium uk

When we initially heard that Dyanvap would be working on this device as opposed to a brand new Dynavap “M” for 2022, we were slightly surprised. The “M” is arguably the most popular device that Dynavap make. The decision to make a new VONG, with such dramatic improvements, reflects really well on how we see Dynavap. They care to improve their quality even if it’s not something that is known to make them the most revenue. 

George was able to deliver on most of the promises he mentioned in his discussion about how he would improve the VONG. We’re very impressed by what the team has managed to achieve, especially given the global pandemic and logistical issues. 

We’ll be receiving our first batch of these brand new Dynavap VONG (I) Titanium models in the next few weeks - keep an eye out for that drop and be sure to sign up to our email list to get immediate news. 

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