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The Best CBD Waxes Available In The UK

The Best CBD Waxes Available In The UK

What is CBD Wax?

2020 has seen a shift in the way that we consume cannabis in the UK. The average user is more health focused than ever, and the notion of a motivated stoner is no longer a myth - thousands if not millions of Brits are using cannabis to better their daily lives. 

Most CBD wax originates from a crude mix, extracted from Cannabis Sativa L. via Supercritical CO2 Extraction. This is a very safe and efficient extraction method and we recommend it. The crude is then manipulated through various means to refine it's purity and results in a wax like consistency when completed. 

CBD wax can be vaporised, dabbed, cooked with, smoked and even turned into oils and creams. Due to the high terpene content, they have become very popular amongst "flavour chasers" and "terp connoisseurs". 

The History

When CBD extracts and waxes first came to market, extraction was poorly understood. It was a new realm that required innovation as well as compliance and self-regulation. Dirty extract was (and still are) sold prevalently, with low purity and foul terpene profiles. They tasted bad, and the effects were weak. 

The CBD Wax scene has certainly improved, and we're delighted to have partnered with the best in the game to offer GMP grade terpene infused extracts that we can confidently claim high purity and immense effects.

The Goods have won the trust of the UK cannabis community, winning first place in the 2019 Secret Sesh CannaCup.

The Top 3 CBD Waxes You Can Buy Right Now

1. Blue Razz

With a terpene profile that leans on sweet berry tones, and subtle aftertastes of Kush, we've seen this CBD wax become a favourite not just in-house but amongst the Hemp Elf family. 

"I can't get enough of the taste on this one. the flavour is so sweet and fruity, and comes through on multiple reheats. As usual the extract dabs clean on my banger, and has me feeling very chilled. Found the effects to be on point!" - UKDABS.

Blue Razz CBD Wax Uk

2. Tropical Citrus

This CBD wax profile was announced at the start of June, and how fitting that every hit tastes like a tropical holiday! This ones terpene profile leans towards Pineapple and Citrus, accompanied by musky cannabis aromas. 

"This was part of a bundle I purchased with the Linx Ember. Out of the 3 waxes I had bought, this is my favourite. smells like a bag of pineapple gummies, and tastes so good. Love the effects and price!" - Hugo Chaser.

Tropical Citrus CBD Wax UK

3. CouchLockdown

A somewhat witty take on the excruciating Lockdown caused by COVID-19, this wax is made using REAL cannabis derived terpenes from their outdoor grow. Usually real cannabis derived terpenes come at an astonishingly high price, but The Goods have offered UK customers that chance to try this premium product at the same price as the rest of their range. This is a true connoisseur experience - it won't be for everyone! It smells and tastes intensely like cannabis, with dominantly strong pine leaning terpenes. 

Couch Lockdown Coronavirus CBD Wax UK

What's to come?

We expect The Goods to lead the next few steps when it comes to CBD wax in the UK. They've hinted at some new profiles yet to come, with new types of flavours we've never experienced out of cannabis extracts before. These are exciting times, in fact there is no better time than now to start dabbling in CBD waxes and extracts. 

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