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How To Get CBD Flower From Farm To Your Door In Under 24 Hours

How To Get CBD Flower From Farm To Your Door In Under 24 Hours
Despite an abundance of CBD flower shops that you can find in the UK, it seems increasingly difficult to find one that can offer fast shipping and high quality. With the current state of UK postal strikes, UK-based CBD shops are struggling to keep their promise for next-day delivery. Furthermore, they do not ship orders directly from their farms - a crucial step in maintaining the freshness of CBD flowers. To date, we are the only CBD brand born in the UK that ship our flowers directly to your door from our Italian farm. 
We've been working behind the scenes to speed up the time it takes for our CBD flowers to travel from our farm to your door. After almost a month of offering our new 'Express' flower delivery, we've seen nearly all packages arrive at their final destination within 24 hours of payment. With our new Express Delivery option, we promise to get your order to your door within 1-3 business days (although nearly all of them arrive in 1 day). 

Our Italian Grow Operation

Indoor cannabis cultivation

You'll be receiving your CBD flower directly from our Italian grow operation. We're constantly growing CBD flowers at our 10,000-square-foot indoor facility to meet the needs of our 60,000+ customers. We know that quality matters which is why we control the cultivation of nearly everything you can find in our store. 

Outdoor cannabis cultivation

Over the years, we've built partnerships with companies like The Goods and old-school local farmers in the mountains to create premium and budget ranges. Keeping our customers happy with high-quality products means the world to us, and we always consider their expectations when partnering with other groups.
CBD Flowers not grown in our facility are grown only minutes away, as our grow operation sits in a valley between mountains rife with high-quality outdoor cannabis fields. 
Everything found on our site is cured and dried by us, even the flowers grown by our partners. Our technology and organised team are far superior in the drying/curing phase of harvest than our competitors. These final stages can be crucial; even the highest quality CBD flower can become spoilt if cured incorrectly. 
Before transferring cured flowers into our CVault containers for longer-term storage, we hand trim everything. Our trimmers take their time to ensure that the CBD flowers our customers receive are limited to just the most essential parts of the bud. In addition, sugar leaves are removed with care to preserve the resinous trichomes. Others might save time and money by passing their CBD flowers into a machine trimmer, but we've found that the bag appeal is sacrificed, and resin takes damage. 

Is Express Delivery Different From Your Usual Flower Delivery?

Is Express Delivery Different From Your Usual Flower Delivery?

Yes, Express Delivery sends our CBD flowers directly from the farm to your door using a private courier rather than a national post. The difference is that a private courier specialises in making deliveries as fast as possible, albeit at a slight premium. We can ship to countries across Europe, including the UK, in under 24 hours. 
Additionally, our new shipping service allows customers to choose their redelivery days. They can even ask the courier to leave their package in a discreet location or with a neighbour. 

Is 24 Hour CBD Flower Delivery Free?

Is 24 Hour CBD Flower Delivery Free?

We offer this Express Delivery option for free to customers with flower orders valued at £200+. Additionally, we have a second-tier express delivery service that promises delivery within 3-5 days which we offer for free to orders valued at £130+. 
If you want to take advantage of our Express Delivery for smaller orders, you must pay £12 extra. 

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