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What Is Full Spectrum CBD & Where To Find In The UK

full spectrum cbd

Before we delve into the interesting world of full spectrum CBD in the UK, we must first understand that there are 3 mainstream types of CBD products, “full spectrum” being one of them. These 3 types of CBD products are: 

  • CBD isolate
  • Broad spectrum CBD
  • Full spectrum CBD

All 3 types of CBD product are usually created from the same plants, and contain compounds that are similar - CBD. However, the blend of other cannabis based compounds that might be found along with the CBD will differ depending on what type of CBD it is. 

Cannabis is a volatile plant - it can react to external changes by increasing it’s THC levels, or produce more flavonoids in the presence of temperature shocks. There are lots of compounds aside from CBD and THC that cannabis produces, also called minor phytocannabinoids, that could have medical promise. 

Due to the significant differences between CBD isolates, broad spectrum CBD and full spectrum CBD, some people will find full spectrum CBD more beneficial than the others. Finding full spectrum CBD products can be hard in the UK because there’s an abundance of low quality, and unclear packaging that makes it hard to determine which CBD products in the UK are full spectrum. 

The Difference Between Full Spectrum CBD, CBD Isolate And Broad Spectrum CBD

differences of full spectrum cbd

All three types of CBD come in a plethora of product types, and you could make any CBD product out of these 3 ingredients. 

Full spectrum CBD products contain a range of cannabis plant extracts; cannabis terpenes, major and minor cannabinoids, essential oils, cannabis lipids and fats, etc. 

Due to their being an abundance of cannabis compounds, full spectrum CBD usually contains some of the highest levels of THC. Recently the EU increased their THC threshold to 0.3% however it is higher in other countries depending on their local laws. Typically, full spectrum CBD products contain THC levels that come close to the THC limits permitted in that country. 

CBD isolate is a pure form of CBD that contains no other cannabis plant compounds. It can be thought of as the opposite of full spectrum CBD, a lab analysis of CBD isolate products would only show one cannabis compound - CBD. CBD isolates are very popular for cannabis consumers that want to increase the CBD content of their current cannabis intake. On their own, CBD isolates would not benefit from the “Entourage Effect”, as there is a lack of minor phytocannabinoids and cannabis terpenes. Coupled with some other cannabinoids though leaves consumers often noticing more profound effects. 

Broad spectrum CBD typically contains most naturally occurring cannabis compounds except THC. Though, not all broad spectrum CBD products contain no THC. THC just happens to be the most popular cannabis compound that people are interested in removing from their CBD products. This could be to work around a country's legislation, or because consumers prefer to eliminate the risk of intoxication when using big doses of CBD. 

Benefits Of Full Spectrum CBD

benefits of full spectrum cbd

CBD has been lauded and researched for it’s many promising benefits. However, there are many other cannabinoids being researched by scientists for their equally promising benefits. Some of these compounds can be found in extremely small quantities naturally occurring in cannabis, and there is a theory that these small traces can completely change the plant's effects. This theory is called the Entourage Effect, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why people seek out full spectrum CBD products. 

Producing full spectrum CBD products is not easy, and comes with a risk for the manufacturer. In order to make a CBD product, such as a CBD oil, cannabis must be extracted and concentrated. The process removes cannabinoids, fats, terpenes and essential oils from the plant to yield a concentrated liquid. However, due to the increased concentration of cannabis compounds, there’s always the risk that the THC levels have exceeded the legal levels. 

Whilst the medical research is still underway, there are plenty of published medical papers we can share with into the potential range of reported health benefits from using full spectrum CBD:

Can Full Spectrum CBD Get You High?

smoking cbd

The answer to this really depends on the full spectrum CBD product being consumed, how it’s being consumed and what it’s THC levels are. 

Since we’re interested in full spectrum CBD in the uk, it seems unlikely one would feel intoxicated after consuming what can legally be purchased here. However, Some countries have very high THC laws, such as Switzerland. Countries that have high THC limits for CBD cultivation, the risk from getting high from full spectrum products increases because there will be a higher concentration of THC. 

If looking to avoid the incredibly low risk that a full spectrum CBD product will get you high, make sure to check the THC contents. THC is the main cannabinoid responsible for causing psychoactivity in cannabis. There are other cannabinoids that can induce a stoned feeling, some of them are well known, such as HHC, Delta-8 and Delta-10

Where To Get Full Spectrum CBD In UK?

full spectrum cbd in the uk

There is good quality full spectrum CBD in the UK if you know where to look. Unfortunately, the UK high-street will let you down as you’ll only find CBD isolate based products - these are the least risky for high street shops to stock as they contain no THC. 

We’re one of the few CBD specialists that you can ask a question such as “do you have full spectrum CBD products?”, and we’ll understand and serve you what you’re looking for. We’ve encountered thousands of customers that are testimonies to the huge promise we see in full spectrum CBD. As such, we’ve created what we hope to be the ultimate full spectrum CBD product for anyone looking for something like this in the UK. Our solution takes us right back to the basics of cannabis, a full spectrum CBD shatter, using old school BHO extraction to pull out all the key cannabis compounds. Our full spectrum CBD shatter can be vaporized, smoked or infused into oil to create a full spectrum CBD oil. Some customers dissolve their full spectrum CBD shatter into coconut oil to make skin balms, some even cook them into edibles. 

We hope this article helps explain what full spectrum CBD is, why you might find it interesting, and where you can find it in the UK. 

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