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What is CBG?

CBG can be thought of as the premier cannabinoid in cannabis. It’s the first cannabinoid the plant makes - the initial building block of popular cannabinoids such as CBD & THC. 

Most mainstream cannabis contains very low percentages of CBG in their ripe form due the fact that it will convert from CBGa (it’s natural acidic form) to the likes of THCa, CBDa and CBCa. The same can be said for CBD and THC oil, they contain very low levels of CBG usually. For this reason there are few CBG oils on the market. 

If you were to harvest cannabis early into its flower cycle, it’s likely that a cannabinoid analysis would present higher CBGa levels than in it’s more mature stages. 

How does CBGa turn into THCa & CBDa?

Enzymes in cannabis break CBGa down after being exposed to ultraviolet light/heat and become cannabinoids such as CBD, THC and CBC. In most strains, the CBGa converts very quickly into THCa and CBDa, therefore strains that have high levels of THCa tend to have low levels of CBD and CBG (and vice versa). 

What does CBG feel like?

CBG is currently being researched for the role it plays in the human body’s built in endocannabinoid system (ECS) - a system that works to keep the body in its balanced state of homeostasis. We’re limited in what we can say regarding its health benefits, a quick look at online cannabis forums and you’ll notice why many ill people are turning towards this impactful cannabinoid. 

The cannabinoid feels different to THC because it is not psychoactive. Patients who have observed that CBG taken in high concentrations (such as flowers with +5% CBG) have noted feeling a mild sense of euphoria as well as some relaxation of the brain and muscles. Unlike THC, we have not observed feedback regarding intoxicating or dizzy effects from large doses. In many ways CBG can feel similar to CBD and many of our customers share their experiences using it to promote their sleep and enjoy it’s calming effects. 

The way CBG is taken can largely influence how it feels. Taking a CBG oil will take much longer to absorb in the body than a CBG vape. CBG concentrates can be used to make a DIY CBG oil, infused into edibles or dabbed - which is a form of vaporising. Like CBG oils, CBG edibles will take a while to absorb and feel, whereas dabbing CBG concentrate will be a fast acting method of consumption. 

The story of the CBG strain

Our CBG white strain is a one of kind strain that was developed for us by The Goods, taking a phenotype of their legendary Patanegre strain with uniquely sweet aroma and taste and high CBG%. It has amazing effects and consistent praise from our customers for converting them to this exotic cannabinoid. The story behind the strain is very interesting

We have The Goods to thank for some of the best CBG genetics in Europe. 3 years ago, whilst undertaking a 250,000 plant outdoor grow, the team at The Goods discovered a phenotype on their farm that intrigued local growers. In its final stage of flowering, all the leaves turned black and the bud eventually did the same. When analyzed, the strain presented absolutely no THC (not even a trace) and averaged 15% CBGa! This freak strain was quickly taken to R&D where seeds and clones were developed. The Goods worked on the strain for 2 years to stabilize the new genetic and cross breed it into many of the CBD strains that we know and love so as to enhance the natural presence of CBG across the board. 

The strain is called Patanegre due to the region it was created and the similarity in colour to the famous Spanish prosciutto. Due to it’s uniquely high % of CBGa it gives people the chance to actually see the difference in how the trichomes look. CBG trichome “heads” are significantly bigger than those of THC and CBD, and trap even more light when gazing upon them. This gives CBG dominant flowers an almost metallic/silver shine. 

The Goods did their first dry sift of this new Genetic last year to see how much hash the plant could yield. The experiment immediately faced a big problem! The CBGa trichome heads were too big to pass through the standard micron bags the trichomes were sifted through. After some testing the micron bag issue was overcome and an incredibly terpene rich, and uniquely silver dry sift hash was produced (and inevitably smoked by the team). 

Patanegra is now being taken to the next level. Not only will it's flower be available for purchase, it will also be infused into oil to offer a CBG oil. CBG oils that are currently on the market often miss what we're looking for - which is why to date we haven't listed any on our site. Rather than mixing CBG isolate into oil, the solventless rosin from CBG trichomes will be infused into a carrier oil to offer a completely solventless CBG oil. 

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