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CBD Infused Workout

CBD Infused Workout

Many CBD users live active lifestyles, and exercise frequently. That means a lot of eating, and not much time for anything else. To help you squeeze some CBD into that routine we’ve come up with a list of our favourite ways to add your favourite supplement into your workout routine.

  1. A drop of oil under your headband

We call this the Jimi Hendrix. When you exercise, the pores in the skin open up and allow for the absorption of compounds like CBD. Remember, your skin is the largest organ in the body, and since every cell in the body contains a cannabinoid receptor, this can make a great way to absorb CBD gradually as you work out. Obviously you do not want to smear the headband with a long streak of oil… so we advise getting a very high concentration oil that only requires 1 drop. For this we suggest the 2500mg or 5000mg oil from CBDistillery.

  1. CBD Oil + protein shake

You might be hesitant at first to add CBD oil into your shake but once you start, it’s hard to stop. The oil thickens the consistency of your shake, while also adding the beautiful taste from the strain specific terpenes. Feel free to use up to 3ml of your go to oil per 500ml of protein shake. Even add some terpenes to give it some energy, we use Jack Herer for our workouts. 

  1. Apply CBD cream before your workout

One of our favourites is to apply cream to the joints we’re going to be exerting the most while in the locker rooms. Among other things, the cream doubles as a great moisturiser. Due to the fact that this supplement is not FDA approved, it can not be treated as a medicine. This means it can not be endorsed for #inflammation, #swelling, #pains, #aches or #muscle #problems. We recommend using the CBDol 500mg cream, which recently won awards for its effectiveness.

  1. Edibles instead of pre-workout

Our edibles are a great way to give yourself a quick energy boost while also releasing CBD into your system. They taste amazing and use clean ingredients, making them highly popular for those of us who like to stay fit and have a sweet tooth. This craze has already spread through the US where Paradise Candy edibles have swept through the market and won countless awards.

  1. Crystals in your post workout meal

Crystals are fat soluble and an incredibly concentrated source of CBD. In order to infuse your meals after working out with crystals, we suggest using a pestle and mortar to create a fine powder and dissolve them under a low heat into a healthy cooking oil (organic coconut oil). While keeping the heat low, proceed to cook your usual meal. Maybe some eggs and bacon (turkey of course…). The crystals are completely flavourless and are great for people who want to benefit from CBD while not changing the taste of their favourite meals. 

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