I-Tal Hemp Wick

I-Tal Hemp Wick | Small

I-Tal Hemp wick small uk cbd
I-Tal Hemp wick small uk cbd

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Light your bowl or joints without inhaling butane!

  • Organic hemp saturated and cured in beeswax
  • Clean-burning, butane- and sulfur-free flame source
  • Waterproof
  • Prolongs life of your lighters


This waterproof hemp wick by I-Tal is designed to light your joint or bowl without inhaling any chemical butane, which is releases when using a lighter or torch. Made of organic hemp that is saturated and cured in beeswax, I-Tal Hemp Wick is designed to be lit and used as a clean-burning, chemical-free flame source. Simply light the wick with a lighter or torch and use it as you heat source for your joint, bong or bubbler. Prolong the life of your lighters and enjoy improved taste from your smoke without inhaling butane! This small size pack extends to 120 cm / 47.25 inches.


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