Cyclone (3 x Torch)

Cyclone  (3 x Torch)
Cyclone  (3 x Torch)
Cyclone  (3 x Torch)

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Cyclone (Triple Torch)

The Cyclone II Triple torch lighter by Vertigo features a large, clear fuel tank so you’ll always know how much fuel remains. The rounded design fits nicely in your hand while the dial on the base of the lighter easily adjusts the size of the flame with a quick turn. The wind resistant flame is capable of lighting at 12,000 feet. (3,657 meters). 7.9cm x 3.8cm x 2.5cm 

*Lighter is empty and does not contain butane yet. 
*Colours are selected at random.
**NOTE: DO NOT CLEAN ANY BUTANE LIGHTER WITH ALCOHOL - Doing so will cause immediate degradation of the plastic, resulting in fuel leakage and will void any warranty. ** 

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