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Why Are CBD Dabs So Popular Right Now?

Why Are CBD Dabs So Popular Right Now
While watching the CBD scene grow over the past 5 years, we've noticed a rise in the popularity of new 'gimmicky' CBD products. Perhaps a symptom of our modern culture, manufacturers always try to reinvent what is popular with low regard for practicality. CBD users have mostly steered away from these products, as evident from the recent increase in CBD dabbers. 

What Is A CBD Dab?

CBD extract

A 'dab' is the cannabis terminology for vaporising cannabis extract. Products like CBD waxCBD shatter and CBD diamonds & sauce are all forms of CBD dabs. Unlike CBD flowers, CBD dabs contain no vegetative material. Instead, they include concentrated forms of the essential cannabis compounds; cannabinoids & terpenes. 
'Dabbing' CBD is a different process from the act of smoking CBD flowers. You'll need a dab/wax pen to consume CBD dabs. This device will heat your CBD dabs to the optimal temperature, releasing a vapour that contains a concentrated amount of CBD and cannabis terpenes. The inhalation process is very similar to a joint, and the effects are delivered quickly. Check out our range of dab pens for a list of devices we've tried and tested ourselves.
CBD dabs are extracted one of two ways: The cannabis industry regards supercritical CO2 extraction as the most advanced extraction method in the industry. It is very efficient, potent and runs a low risk for contaminants. 
Cold butane extraction is an old-school method popularised in the early days of cannabis prohibition. An experienced lab team must perform it with the means to test for residual solvents adequately. We test for solvents throughout the production of our butane-extracted products.

How Do You Dab CBD?

How do you dab

There are two popular ways to dab CBD extracts: Until recently, the most common dabbing method used a 'glass rig'. A glass rig is a pipe with the mechanism to pass vapour through water. The user sucks through one end of the dab rig and heats the other end before applying a lentil-sized portion of cannabis extract. 
Dabbing technology has recently improved, and very few people use the traditional glass rig method. Instead, everybody now uses electronic dab pens, also known as concentrate vaporisers. 
Dab Pens are a fast and portable way to administer CBD dabs. Dab pen manufacturers engineer their products to heat cannabis extracts to the optimal temperature. As a result, they are the simplest way to dab while offering a high-quality dab experience packed with flavour and dense clouds. The rise in the availability of dab pens is a massive proponent of the surge in interest for CBD dabs. With cheap and portable pens such as The Dabamizer, which is only £10, people can easily use cannabis extracts with beginner levels of experience at an affordable price. 
Check out our buying guide for cannabis wax pens to help find the perfect one for you. 

What Does Dabbing CBD Feel Like?

What Does Dabbing CBD Feel Like?

Due to the concentrated nature of cannabis extracts, a small pinch of CBD dab will instantly offer feelings of relaxation. Inhaling CBD immediately absorbs into the bloodstream and lasts 2 to 6 hours.
Unlike smoking a joint, Dabbing CBD is very smooth. Undisturbed by burnt plant material, the flavour is pure and closer to how the cannabis extract smells fresh in the jar. In addition, CBD dabs contain a high percentage of cannabis terpenes, the compounds that create the flavour and smell of a particular cannabis strain. Terpenes are highly regarded, especially among those that use cannabis medicinally, because they can increase the effect and absorption of cannabinoids. 
Because CBD dabs contain zero THC, they do not run the risk of inducing anxiety or paranoia. Commonly, people feel an immediate sense of ease and relaxation after taking a single inhale of a CBD dab. 


people dabbing

If I were to suggest dabbing some CBD to our readers 5 years ago, people would shy away from all the cumbersome steps. But now, with the improvements in dabbing technology, anybody can step into the exciting world of CBD extracts. It's the perfect next step for CBD flower users, consolidating all the most essential plant compounds into a tiny jar that can go anywhere with you. Keep your eyes peeled for new strain profiles and types of extracts we'll be dropping. Also, rumour has it that our elves are working on releasing a line of solventless CBD rosin dabs!

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