Where To Find The Best CBD Deals In The UK 2022

Cheap CBD Deals

CBD oil is a very popular health supplement that has surged in popularity in recent years - we break down the best CBD deals in the UK.

For many years, cannabis products were banned in the UK. However, since the legalization of CBD products, we’ve seen increasing interest in all types of hemp products. CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants, and taken by people suffering from a variety of mental and physical problems. Unlike the cannabis products that we usually hear about, CBD oil doesn’t cause a high, and is therefore non-psychoactive

From drinking CBD water-solubles to using CBD patches on all parts of the body - gone are the days when talking about cannabis for health was a taboo topic. CBD is now a big part of the global health conversation - with many wondering where to get CBD oils and products at a good price. 

Many of our current customer testimonials cite their need to take CBD for a myriad of mental and physical reasons. 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in england, and with the surge in popularity for CBD products ever growing, it’s not surprising to see medical studies discussing the effect of CBD as a potential treatment for anxiety disorders

You may ask yourself, where to start looking for CBD in the UK? There are so many different strengths, brands, strains and volumes and even the confusing legality of CBD in England. Some have gone out to say that navigating the UK CBD market can be hazardous, and that it requires careful consideration - something we aim to help you with today. 

Beyond finding the few good CBD products out there, there will be a teething process to find the right dose and routine. This may require a bit of trial and error, unfortunately no one CBD product will affect everyone the same. 

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil

CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is extracted from the leaves, stalks, seeds and flowers of hemp plants. Often, these parts of the plant contain a spectrum of other beneficial cannabinoids and minor cannabis compounds, such as terpenes

While CBD oil is derived from hemp, it is not the same as hemp oil, such as this Hemp Seed Oil available at Tesco. This type of hemp oil contains mostly the fats found in hemp seeds, and virtually no cannabinoids - such as CBD. 

Due to Uk hemp licensing laws, which require hemp plants to maintain a THC level of <0.2%, CBD products can not get you high. Without the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, CBD products are safe to take in all daily situations.  

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil? Science Backed

CBD oil benefits

Cannabis products have been prohibited for most of modern medicine, there are currently very few conclusive scientific studies on the topic. However, even with these hurdles, plenty of positive medical studies have been conducted for us to share with you. 

Further to these medical studies, the World Health Organization (WHO) claims that CBD oil is “generally well tolerated with a good safety profile”, and that it is sold online for the following reasons: 

  • Alzheimer’s 
  • Parkinson’s 
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Cancer 
  • Diabetes
  • General Pain 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression insomnia

They go on to say that many of the vendors selling CBD online are making these claims without licensed justification - we recommend staying away from any products that make medical promises. The way the industry stands right now, it is up to you as the consumer to decide if CBD oil is a good option for you. 

CBD Oil Is Legal In the UK

UK Top CBD Supplier

In 2018, Uk Parliament passed legislation legalising certain cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDa and other minor cannabinoids. Unfortunately, the laws regarding CBD oils and products are still somewhat confusing, however, things are starting to look more clear. 

What Are The Differences Between CBD Vapes, Oils, Edibles, Creams etc?

There are countless different types of CBD products available in the UK, however, for the sake of simplicity we will explain the main 4. 

  • CBD vaping is the fastest way to absorb CBD. This can be with the raw hemp flower, or a mixture of vaping oils and CBD extracts. 
  • CBD oils or tinctures are arguably the most popular type of product. They are a mixture of hemp extract and oil (coconut oil is a popular option). These are ingested via the mouth, and best absorbed when held under the tongue for 30 seconds. 
  • CBD edibles are another popular and effective way to consume CBD, usually in the form of a hemp extract infused candy. They can take an hour to take effect, however edibles are known for their long lasting effects. 
  • CBD Creams and topicals seem to be a favorite among those that require CBD to be released quickly to a localized part of the body. Creams, patches and roll-ons have taken off with success in recent years. 

How Much CBD Oil To Take?

CBD Oil Drop

No one CBD oil will affect everyone the same. Each of us has an endocannabinoid system that metabolizes cannabinoids that we consume. The best way to begin taking a CBD product is to start on a fairly low dosage and gradually build up. 

Depending on your body mass, a starting dose of 5 to 75mg a day would be sensible. Carefully observe the effects from these starting doses to decide whether you need more or less going forwards. Fortunately, there is no risk to abuse CBD - therefore there is a 0% chance of a CBD overdose. 

It may sound difficult to determine a suitable dose of CBD, however the more important challenge is to find a good quality, consistent source of CBD. Beyond false medical claims, another disappointing thing we’ve seen is vendors taking advantage of people looking for cheap CBD by selling very low strength low quality products that inevitably cost very little to produce. We strongly advise you to consider paying more for high strength products that require much smaller doses to be effective, than buying cheap CBD that wouldn’t run out before any effect is felt. 

How to Buy High Quality CBD UK?

High Quality CBD

With so many low quality CBD products on the market, it’s important to know how to avoid them. Here is our simple guide to ensuring you don’t fall for one of the many CBD traps in the UK. 

  • CBD concentration: Depending on your needs, you may choose to seek a high strength or a low strength CBD oil. Whatever it is, there needs to be some guarantee that you’re getting the strength that is written on the bottle. A third party lab test should prove this for you. Our consideration for a low strength CBD oil is 250mg, and high strength is 5000mg
  • Extraction type: There are several ways in which CBD can be extracted, the most superior being SuperCritical CO2 Extraction. The reason we are fond of this is because it contains the fewest amount of impurities and offers a high level of efficiency - increasing the concentration of major and minor cannabinoids and compounds. 
  • THC percentage: Most people take CBD oil thinking it will not get them high. This doesn’t mean that every CBD product on the market is indeed stable and regulated properly. It’s important to check the THC levels prior to consuming any CBD product as you don’t want to accidentally step outside the law, or operate hazardous machinery while unknowingly high. 
  • Full/broad spectrum CBD: This means that the CBD oil doesn’t only contain one cannabinoid, CBD, but also all other minor plant compounds such as CBG, CBC, flavonoids and terpenes. All these cannabis compounds are known to work synergistically together in a phenomena called the Entourage Effect
  • Non-GMO & organic: This is a very rare thing to find in CBD as the hemp industry is still struggling to be accepted by many of the certifying authorities that grant certificates to make organic and non-GMO claims. We find that with the way the market currently is, this isn’t the most important thing to watch out for - rather we advise asking the vendor if their hemp was grown using ethical and organic practices. 
  • Trusted Brands: Finding authentic customer testimonials is a wise way to simplify the buying process. CBD is very popular and it’s likely that there’s someone else that has tried a specific product or brand for the exact same reason as you. 

Best CBD Deals UK

Cheap CBD UK deals

Now that we’ve explained how to best prepare yourself for shopping CBD products, let’s break down where you can find the best CBD deals in the UK. It’s important to not compromise quality for quantity, and we think that these options do a great job at saving you money and offering you effective ways to benefit from high quality CBD. 

  • Get CBD With Free Uk Shipping: These products have free rapid delivery to any address in the UK, saving you up to 25% of the cost of ordering online. 
  • Cheap CBD Under £10: Simply put, most of the products here are small doses of some of the highest quality CBD products available. Instead of paying much more for several months worth of CBD, you can pay £10 to try out the best in the market. This includes pre-rolls, CBD gummies, CBD extracts and more. 
  • CBD Bundle Deals: Bulk buying is an effective way to save money. These bundles let you customize your picks of the most popular CBD products in the UK to save money - you even get free shipping on some of them. 
  • Up To Date CBD Deals UK: Seasonal deals come and go, and the only way to know when they’re happening is to keep an eye on this link. Unsurprisingly, key holidays like new years and 420 are good times to check in on limited sales and deals. 


Hopefully after reading this you can find the best CBD deals in the UK, and feel satisfied with your purchase. As the market matures, we expect the search for good quality CBD at cheap prices to simplify. The next few years will set the path for how the industry will grow - and with a more informed customer base, unscrupulous vendors will fizzle out while the good brands will be able to increase their mark doing what’s best for their customers. 

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