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Where to find pure raw CBD isolate powder & how to use it

HempElf CBD Isolate Powder
CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD extract available. It is crystalline in structure, often sold as a powder, and depending on the extraction method used, it can range in purity from 70% to 99.99%. It does not contain any THC, or other minor cannabinoids, and due to the lack of cannabis terpenes, it has no flavor. 
CBD isolate can be used in many different ways, from vaporizing to smoking to cooking. If you’ve seen a product in the shops that is infused with CBD, it’s likely that CBD isolate was used at some point in the production process. 
We’ve seen a huge increase in interest for CBD isolate in recent years, due to the surge in people making their own CBD products at home. A single gram of CBD isolate is enough to make many weeks worth of CBD oils, edibles, or vapes - and it can be a lot more economical than buying manufactured CBD products. 
Following the release of our 99% pure CBD isolate, we thought it would be a good idea to explain to you how to use it, where it comes from and where to get the good stuff. 

How Is CBD Isolate Made?

CBD Isolate
There are several different extraction methods used to turn CBD rich hemp into CBD isolate. We use the industry leading method, supercritical CO2 extraction, to reach a high purity of 99% CBD. Other methods have been found to reach lower concentrations, as well as leave behind unwanted compounds in CBD extracts. Anything that is extracted is concentrated, meaning, impurities will always find their way into inefficiently extracted extracts. 
Essentially, supercritical CO2 is passed through high quality raw hemp, stripping the cannabinoids and essential cannabis compounds from the plant to separate them from fibrous material. The mixture is then depressurized, and the CO2 phase shifts back into a gas so that it can later be reused, and the extract mixture is separated for distillation. Distillation is performed to isolate CBD from all the other cannabis compounds. The result of which is a transparent hot liquid that solidifies at room temperature - it is spread out onto parchment paper and crushed up into a powder, similar to what you would receive if you bought our CBD isolate. 

How To Use CBD Isolate?

How To Use CBD Isolate Powder
You can use CBD isolate at home to make pretty much any CBD infusion imaginable. CBD isolate is a fat/sugar soluble material, meaning it will dissolve into any fat that you bring it into contact with - sometimes you’ll need to apply a bit of heat. You will not be able to infuse CBD isolate into water as that is neither fat or sugar. Cooking oils, vape oils, butter, syrups and terpenes can all be used to dissolve CBD isolates and infuse them into things.
We’ve put together a list of products you can easily make with CBD Isolate:
  • CBD Bath Bombs
  • CBD Vapes
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Creams
  • CBD Infused Rolling Papers
The list is endless, you could even try to imitate the CBD infused pillow that famously caught headlines a while back. 
Our favorite way to infuse CBD isolate by vaporizing it pure, otherwise known as dabbing. By doing this, a very small volume of CBD isolate is used to satisfy our CBD needs without having to do much work to infuse it into products. Better yet, adding some terpenes to CBD isolate before vaporizing it can offer the benefits of the Entourage Effect which is thought to be a way to maximize the effects of CBD. 

Can You Smoke CBD Isolate?


Smoking CBD Isolate
Yes you can smoke CBD isolate, similar to how you can smoke any other cannabis or CBD extract. The key is to not put too much isolate into your joint. Remember, that a single gram of CBD isolate contains 1000mg of CBD, whereas a gram of CBD flower contains approximately 150mg of CBD. A small amount of CBD isolate goes a long way, and also ensures that your joint burns evenly. 
When CBD isolate is heated up, it goes from solid to liquid to gas - you don’t want it to remain in liquid form while it’s sitting in your joint. A small amount of isolate - perhaps the size of a grain of rice - is all you’ll need to supercharge your joint with CBD and ensure a nice even burn. 
Our tip for achieving the perfect CBD isolate infused joint is to put most of the isolate in the end of the joint, so that it slowly makes its way down to the bottom of the joint as you take hits. This will ensure that you are taking in that additional CBD throughout the session. 

Will CBD Isolate Make You Fail A Drugs Test?

CBD Isolate Drug Test
No, you will pass a drug test if all you’ve been consuming is our CBD isolate. We have ensured that all THC is removed from this extract, and unlike others, we have had our production GMP approved. This ensures that we can consistently offer the guarantee of THC-free CBD isolate as well as a purity of 99% CBD every time we produce a batch. 

Will CBD Isolate Make You Feel High?

Smoking CBD Isolate Powder
In small doses, it’s very unlikely that you will feel high from CBD isolate. It is not uncommon to feel relaxed, floaty and dreamy. In large doses, clinical trials have found that CBD can have similar effects to THC regarding the feeling of dissociation and intoxication. This study looked at the effects of varying doses of CBD, THC, and combinations of the two. It found that patients that took 400mg of CBD (under half a gram of our 99% CBD isolate) presented some intoxicating effects. It also found that patients that took a combination of CBD with THC demonstrated higher levels of intoxication than patients that only took THC. 
Therefore, it is within reason to say that CBD can increase the high felt from THC, and that, when taken in very large doses, CBD can share some of the less severe side effects of THC. 


Hopefully this gives you a good understanding of what to expect from CBD isolate, and how it can give you more control over how you use CBD. Other than understanding how to use it, it’s important to know where to source good quality CBD from. Our advice is to buy from the producers, and avoid the resellers. A product like CBD isolate is a concentration of everything found in hemp, and the last thing you want to fall for is a product that contains concentrated impurities. Our CBD isolate is produced by us, tested by us, and already used in many of our products. 
If you’d like to know more about how to make your own CBD products with CBD isolate, or even how to vaporize it raw/smoke it, just let us know!

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