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The Vaping Epidemic: Is Vitamin E Acetate The Culprit?

The Vaping Epidemic: Is Vitamin E Acetate The Culprit?

Learn if HempElfs Vapes are safe and get the full story from officials closing in on the cause of the vaping epidemic.

As of early November as many as thirty-nine people have reportedly died with EVALI or e-vaping associated lung injury.

After many blamed CBD and cannabis vapes, official reports now indicate what is being hailed as a breakthrough in the vaping crisis investigation.

The CDC confirms that its tests have detected the presence of vitamin E acetate in samples taken from 29 patients with vaping-related illness from 10 different states.

Vitamin E acetate is a synthetic form of vitamin E. Its a viscous, sticky substance typically deemed safe when used in skincare products and dietary supplements. However, vaping vitamin E acetate could be the major culprit responsible for the vape-related lung injury.

The New York State Department of Health reported in early September that it had found high levels of vitamin E acetate in some cannabis vape cartridges. The majority of EVALI cases involve THC vapes and e-nicotine vapes. 

Most of the EVALI case reports allegedly involve vape products bought off the street. However, recent reports indicate that even in states with legitimately regulated markets, such as Washington and Oregon, regulators may not be checking for substances like vitamin E acetate. 

Vitamin E Acetate-Free CBD Vapes

The Vaping Epidemic: Is Vitamin E Acetate The Culprit?

Producers on both sides of the market have been found to use several filler ingredients in CBD and THC vape oils that may pose a health risk.

The reality is vaping is still a relatively new activity. No one can say whether or not there may be long-term risks to vaping, as we just dont have enough data to analyze. 

Be sure to read our other articles after this one to learn more about the benefits and risks associated with CBD and vaping. Here are just a few of the chemicals in vapes you need to watch out for!

  • Vitamin E Acetate
  • Glycol Propylene
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Heavy metals
  • Artificial fillers
  • Synthetic cannabinoids

Always be sure your choice of CBD vape brand has been verified to be free from potential contaminants or harmful chemical additives.

Also, research the brand of CBD vape that youre interested in and find their third party lab results. If not available at the point of retail, you can usually find test results that can verify purity and potency on the brands website.

Learn More About Vitamin E Acetate Free CBD Vapes

You can shop for CBD vapes confidently at HempElf. We guarantee all of our vape oil products are free from vitamin E acetate.

Click the link to browse our full catalog of CBD vapes and other products from the leading CBD oil brands.

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You can learn more about CBD and how to find the right product for you in our other articles linked below.

The Vaping Epidemic: Is Vitamin E Acetate The Culprit?


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