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The Most Potent CBG Flower In the UK

CBG Flower

CBG flowers have only recently made their way into the UK cannabis scene, and have caused quite the comotion. A CBG flower is the flower from a cannabis strain that primarily produces one cannabinoid - CBG, otherwise known as Cannabigerol. It looks, smells and tastes very similar to the traditional THC dominant cannabis flowers you might be used to, however, medical research indicates that there’s unlocked potential for this new cannabinoid. 

What Is CBG?

CBG is often touted as the mother of all cannabinoids, we prefer to call it the precursor cannabinoid. Before CBD or THC emerge, there is CBG, and depending on the plant's genetics, that CBG will go on to become a particular cannabinoid. In fact, it is CBGa that we find cannabinoids are born from, however, most of us will consume CBG due to the decarboxylation process that occurs when we heat up CBGa. 

CBG naturally shows up in most cannabis strains, however, it normally presents itself in small amounts - such as <1%. Due to its initial rarity, CBG was under researched and mostly unavailable for purchase. 

Breeders have recently discovered breakthrough strains that have extremely high CBG concentrations, and low THC. The Goods recently discovered a strain that tests over 15% CBG and 0% THC. Since the strain managed to prevent all the CBG from converting to CBD and THC, they took cuttings of the strain to preserve the genetics. This strain, Pata Negra, is what our “The White CBG” strain comes from. 

Potential Benefits of CBG

Similar to CBD, CBG flowers have been used to combat pain without causing the intoxicating high effects that we are used to with THC. 

Our first hand experience with CBG shows that it can also java therapeutic effects, especially for those stressful moments. Unfortunately, human studies on CBG are limited, so we are forced to rely on customer testimonials. 

Nonetheless, there have been numerous promising animal studies on CBG that have found the following therapeutic benefits.

CBG For Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) 

IBD causes chronic inflammation in the bowel and affects millions of people across the globe. Currently, it is untreatable. However, a 2013 animal study observed the beneficial effects of CBG on inflammatory bowel disease.

When researchers induced inflammations similar to IBD in the colons of mice and administered CBG, they noticed a reduction in inflammation and the production of nitric oxide. They also noticed a decrease in formation of reactive oxygen species in the intestines. 

CBG For Glaucoma

In an animal study, researchers administered CBG to cats with glaucoma and noticed a reduction in eye pressure, and an increase in the production of aqueous humor - a fluid that is produced by the eye to maintain eye pressure and feed nutrients to the eye. This showed potential for CBG to be used therapeutically for glaucoma. 

CBG For Fighting Cancer Cells

Researchers observed the effects of CBG on rats with colon cancer in a 2014 study. They observed that CBG showed some promise in blocking the receptors that cause cancer cell growth and inhibiting the growth of colorectal cancer cells. 

CBG For Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia

A recent 2021 human study looked at the effects of CBG when treating a myriad of common medical issues. It concluded that “most respondents reported greater efficacy of CBG-predominant cannabis over conventional pharmacotherapy, with a benign adverse event profile and negligible withdrawal symptoms. This study establishes that humans are employing CBG and suggests that CBG-predominant cannabis-based medicines should be studied in randomized controlled trials.”

The UK's Strongest CBG Strain

The strongest CBG strain available at the moment is a strain grown for us by The Goods CBD, called “The White CBG”. The reason it is such a potent CBG strain is due to the fat that they’ve managed to convert all potential CBD and THC to CBG. There exist other CBG strains, however, we’ve not yet seen any that show a complete 100% concentration for CABG within their cannabinoid makeup.

The White CBG - The Most Potent CBG Strain In The UK

As you can see, this is an incredibly resinous strain. CBG is contained within each of the shiny trichomes you can see that coat this dense flower. CBG, unlike CBD and THC, has an almost silver/white color to it. This gives these buds a slightly different appearance to what you might be used to seeing. CBG tichomes are even slightly bigger and thicker than CBD and THC trichomes. 

Not only do CBG flowers have a slightly different appearance to THC and CBD flowers, they also smell and taste unique too. The White brings together tones of jasmine, pine and fresh spice - it’s subtle and holds most of its strength in sheer resin production. 

We particularly enjoy mixing this flower with some CBD or THC flower to fully enhance the potential Entourage Effect

It offers mostly energizing effects when consumed alone, however, we’ve felt it deepens the couchlock effects of relaxing strains when combined together. 

Trim: Compact, frosty, white trichomes

Effect: Energizing

Flavor: Fresh, light, complex

Customer Review: “A very smooth and tasty wee bud.”

Price: £9/g


There’s only one CBG flower in the UK that can pack the punch of The White CBG, and we expect further iterations and genetic crosses to set a new bar for CBG excellence. Whenever we take in a new batch, we make sure to launch it with big discounts, so if you’re interested and want to know when you might be able to save on your CBG, don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you updated!

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