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Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp: The Goods Drops Amber Turd CBD Wax

The Goods Amber Turd Cannabis Extract

If you’ve been gripped by the ongoing defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, then you have to hear about the brand new Amber Turd CBD wax The Goods just dropped. 

Don’t be fooled by the name, this CBD wax is top tier. It features live terpenes distilled from GMO Cookies, a THC dominant strain with a pungent, diesel, garlic and zesty sprite flavor. The flavor and smell is made from the essence of real THC strains, something that we’ve found to be incredibly rare in the CBD world due to the high price of THC dominant cannabis derived terpenes. 

This Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard cannabis extract is a limited… drop. Grab yourself a piece of cultural history, inspired by the trend we’ve all come to love and hate. In terms of effects, this is a nighttime strain. We advise dabbing this extract within close proximity to a bed!

Review Of Amber Turd Cannabis Strain

Amber Turd Cannabis Strain

As always, The Goods have followed through with their signature high quality CBD wax. The wax is perfectly amber in color, with streaks of crystals channeling across its surface where the CBD crystallizes due to high purity. 

Smell & Flavour

Amber Turd Cannabis Strain Smell and Flavor

Pop open the lid, and we’re greeted by the familiar funky aroma of high THC cannabis. This profile is unlike anything we’ve seen before in the CBD space. It smells like some high grade that we’d expect to find at a legal dispensary. 
The profile is GMO Cookies, a strain that is known for its dank, garlic, zesty and gassy aromas. This extract oozes all those smells with sheer intensity, we can not reiterate how unique this one is. If you find yourself searching for CBD extracts that taste just like their THC counterparts this is the one. 


Amber Turd Cannabis Strain Effects

This is certainly a night time strain. As the name suggests, there is a slim chance that this extract will hit you so hard that you’ll poop the bed. That’s a risk you’ll have to take to try our most dank profile yet. 
Aside from immense relaxation, this strain leaves us feeling a sense of intense euphoria, utter bliss and happiness. Some strains have a way of bringing out nostalgic memories, and this is certainly one of them for us. It has us giggling and reminiscing over good times, while also settling any overthinking to help reach a feeling of sleepiness. 


Amber Turd Cannabis Strain Appearance

This is one of those jars you’ll keep forever to remember one of the biggest memes to break the internet, as well as to savor the lingering smell of GMO Cookies that will remain for many months. 
The wax is absolutely stunning, glowing amber yellow, and reflecting light off the cannabis terpenes that drip off it. It breaks easily with a dab tool, for easy dosing, and remains stable at room temperature - not sticky like some of the hard-to-handle extracts. 

Where Can You Get Amber Turd Cannabis Extract?

Amber Turd Cannabis Extract

For a limited time only, #AmberTurd CBD wax will be available for purchase at Hemp Elf for £26. It can be ordered to nearly every country despite reeking of dank cannabis. This is an ultra limited drop so be fast if you want a piece of cultural history!

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