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The Best Way To Clean A Bong: ISO vs Orange Chronic

Best Bong Cleaner Orange Chronic
There’s nothing more satisfying than a shiny clean bong fresh out of the box. Typically, bong owners share a common struggle - how to clean them after they get dirty. 
Rather annoyingly, bongs get dirty very quickly. Depending on the potency of your cannabis, they can turn crystal clear to black and sooty after the first use.  
Unlike traditional dirt, hot water and soap often do little to clean a dirty bong. Cannabis resin is exceptionally sticky, smelly and not something you want to touch with your bare hands. Most smokers will tell you that the best way to clean a bong is by using ISO, otherwise known as isopropyl alcohol. Unfortunately, they often don’t tell you that this compound is highly toxic and not the most effective way to clean your bong.
Right now, the best glass cleaner you can buy to clean your bong is the Orange Chronic glass and metal cleaner. It beats other glass cleaners because it:
  • Offers immediate results
  • Requires no scrubbing or waiting
  • Has no after taste
  • Is easy to use
  • Is earth-friendly
  • Is free rinsing
  • Brightens glass 

What Is Orange Chronic Glass Cleaner

Orange Chronic Glass Cleaner

Unlike other glass cleaners you might have heard of, like ISO, Orange Chronic is designed for the cannabis scene. It was created with the bong smoker in mind, formulated without the use of toxic chemicals and designed to achieve excellent results on cannabis resin. The recipe is a closely guarded secret. However, one ingredient you’ll identify just by smelling it is an orange extract. Some have speculated that its extra ingredients are alcohol, salt grain, limonene and vinegar. We can only imagine, as the company has kept its all-natural formation a secret for nearly a decade.
We strongly believe that Chronic Orange contains the terpene D-Limonene. It is extracted from the peel of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons and acts as a degumming agent that removes stains such as tar, grease, ink and food stains. It also leaves a high shine on hard surfaces like bongs. 

How Do You Use Chronic Orange Glass Cleaner?

Using the Orange Chronic glass cleaner is very straightforward. It takes up very little time and a small amount of the actual cleaning liquid, and unlike the ISO method, you can use your bong right after cleaning. 
  • Step 1: Pour small amounts of Orange Chronic through each hole of your bong. Depending on the size of your bong, you’ll require different quantities of Orange Chronic. As long as there’s enough to swish around from top to bottom, you’ve got enough. 
  • Step 2: Carefully shake your bong so that the Orange Chronic touches every inch of glass inside your bong. You might find it helpful to block holes with your fingers to save the liquid from dripping out. One minute of shaking is enough.
  • Step 3: Pour the now dirty Orange Chronic liquid out of the bong, and rinse with warm water.
  • Step 4: As you pour warm water through the bong, your bong will transform from dirty to shiny and clean. It’s now ready to use again!

How Much Orange Chronic Should You Use In A Bong?

Orange Chronic splashing into liquid

Because Orange Chronic is so effective, only a tiny amount is needed to clean an entire bong. Bongs vary significantly in size, so there isn’t a set amount that works for them all. What is most important is that you can coat the entire surface of the inside of your bong with Orange Chronic when shaking. We often find a couple of tablespoons of Orange Chronic is enough to do the job, especially if the build of cannabis resin isn’t too much. 
Fortunately, there is no risk in using too much Orange Chronic glass cleaner. We’d be amazed if an entire bottle of Orange Chronic wouldn’t be enough to clean the dirtiest bong in the world!

What Is The Difference Between Orange Chronic 410 and Orange Chronic Glass And Metal?

Orange Chronic 410 vs glass

Orange Chronic 710 is a unique formulation designed for pyrex glass, quartz and silicon. These are materials more frequently used by ‘dabbers’. If you are consuming cannabis extracts, you might likely find this cleaner more appropriate for your needs. 
Orange Chronic glass and metal is designed to clean all glass and metal. This is what most bong users and flower consumers use. 
These cleaners are very similar, and our opinion is that the normal Orange Chronic glass and metal do the job very nicely for all our glass cleaning needs. However, the 710 cleaner is there for those with more delicate materials. 

Final Thoughts On The Orange Chronic Bong Cleaner

HempElf approval

When cleaning cannabis resin off a bong, no other cleaner seems to beat the Orange Chronic. Online cannabis forums tout it as the fastest, most efficient and safest way to clean a bong, returning it to its new box glory. They’ve been around America for nearly a decade and are now available for online purchase in the UK. Get yours now to bring back the sparkle to your favourite bong. 

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