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Introducing our new range: Bhang CBD

Bhang CBD oil hemp uk edibles spray chewing gum

The CBD industry has been in desperate need of a brand that knows both quality and design. Bhang entered the market filling in this void, and up until now we've been eager to add their products to our European catalogue. 

We've always been fond of carrying American products because compared to the European industry (UK has only been producing CBD for about 2 years) the states have a lot more experience catering to the CBD market. 

CBD spray Uk Bhang peppermint hemp oil

Bhang was founded 9 years ago in 2010 by a celebrated, health conscious, gourmet chef and his business partner, an operations dynamo. Bhang is one of America's first and definitely one of the most respected hemp products companies. 

CBD chewing gum uk bhang hemp oil

Bhang offers an award-winning line of hemp-derived products in both the highest-quality, independently lab-tested, full-spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate with reliable, high-quality delivery methods. The result is a consistently premium CBD-dosing experience.  Bhang fans across the world report they are thrilled with the strength, quality, consistency, and efficacy of Bhang’s entire line of hemp-derived products.

CBD oil vape uk watermelon mint hemp

Bhang’s products are regulated and safe with reliable strength and consistency. Their premium hemp wellness products contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the original plant.  When you read about the “entourage effect” rest easy knowing Bhang’s products include the complete phytonutrients from each plant, which are extracted using closed-loop, C02 extraction. This method does not require heat or solvents, and the entire spectrum of cannabinoids are retained in the blend.

CBD lip cream balm uk hemp oil

Bhang’s hemp products are THC-free which means they have a no psychoactive effects (i.e. they don’t get you high.) Our products are formulated for immediate natural absorption to support your endocannabinoid system, which brings great benefits to the entire body. Bhang’s products are formulated with CBD that is solely derived from hemp plants grown on licensed farms in Colorado and Kentucky using organic and sustainable farming practices.

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  • Yet to try this range, but certainly intend to in future!

    Evelyn Jane forrest

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