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Dynavap Tips & Hacks: How To Get The Biggest Hits

dynavap tips and hacks

The Dynavap is arguably the most popular CBD/THC vaporiser in the UK. What sets it apart from the competition is it’s battery-free feature - which makes it a vaporiser you can rely on anytime, anyplace. 

Seasoned smokers might look at the Dynavap and notice some similarities to the joint experience. First off, the shape of the Dynavap is long and cylindrical like a joint. In order to unlock the cannabinoids, a flame must be held to the device. Even handling the Dynavap to take a hit can seem similar to the joint experience. 

However, there are some key differences beyond the fact that one combusts and the other vaporises cannabis. 

The Dynavap is designed for consuming small amounts of cannabis in one session. The Bowl on the Dynavap can store up to approximately 0.1g of dried cannabis flower. This can be adjusted down to 0.05g if needed, which is a lot less dried herb material than the average 0.3g joint. Being able to “microdose” is favourable to consuming large amounts at once because it gives the consumer ultimate control on their cannabis experience. Microdosing can greatly reduce the risk of cannabis causing adverse reactions such as anxiety or reduced motor skills. 

When someone takes the first hit from a joint, they immediately flood their lungs with thick smoke and often have a lot of smoke to blow out. The first hit experience with the Dynavap is often very different, offering a much more gentle volume of vapour and immense flavour (terpenes). To most, the normal Dynavap experience is favourable, however there’s no denying that every now and then it’s nice to rip some thick CBD clouds. Here are some ways to get the biggest hits from your dynavap!

Packing the Perfect Dynavap Bowl

Dynavap bowl with herbs

Packing a bowl is stoner slang for filling up the oven of a smoking/vaping device. You will find the bowl of a Dynavap on the opposite side of the mouth hole. Since it has a small bowl designed for microdoses, you’ll want to pack it carefully so as not to accidentally leave a gap in the oven. Ideally, you want to find the perfect balance with how your CBD/THC flower sits in the Dynavap bowl - not too tight but not too restricted for airflow. Remember that air has to pass through the bud, down the stem of the Dynavap and through your mouth. Too tight a pack on the Dynavap and you’ll not be able to inhale any vaporized CBD. Too loose a pack and you’ll find the vapour production unsatisfying and the effects of your CBD or THC won’t be realised. 

Quality of the Herb

Dynavap Sweet Peach CBD flower

It should come as no surprise that the quality of your cannabis will make a difference in how it vapes. Typically, overly dry or moist cannabis would be deemed low quality. The reason why some cannabis is very dry or very moist is because of problems encountered in the drying/curing phase. If the grower can’t achieve the correct humidity then it’s likely that they will either deal with mold or best case damp flower. Damp flower holds a lot more water in its cells and the temperature at which water turns into vapour is 100C. Most Dynavapers are using either CBD dominant flower or THC dominant flower - the decarb temperature for CBD is 180C and 110C for THC. It’s not hard to see what overly moist cannabis will cause issues, there will simply be too much water vapour released. 

It can be hard to know exactly when your flower is at its peak for producing big clouds in the Dynavap. You could use a Boveda humidity control pad to treat any CBD/THC flower that you currently have and bring it to the perfect humidity. If you have access to the humidity levels of any CBD flower you’re looking to buy, ask them if the humidity is at 40-50%. 

The Consistency Of Your Grind

Dynavap Grinder

Whilst the Dynavap is known for not even needing a grinder (the scoop into the bud method), the quality of your grind will determine if you will get the big clouds we’re looking for. Too fine a grind and you run the risk of overpacking the oven and not allowing for a good amount of airflow. Too thick a grind and you’ll limit the amount of vapour production. Our recommended grinder for use with the Dynavap is The Goods grinder. The team at The Goods love the Dynavap and have worked on collaborations together in the past so you know that they had their favourite Dynavap in mind in the making of their grinder. 

Dynavap Torch Choice

Dynavap Vertigo Cyclone

The torch is essentially what powers the Dynavap - besides from the flower. Typically you’ll find 3 types of torches for the Dynavap:

  1. Single Flame Dynavap Torch.
  2. Double Flame Dynavap Torch.
  3. Triple Flame Dynavap Torch ← biggest hitter.

Each of these is good for a different reason, however when it comes to getting the biggest hit, you’ll want to go with a triple flame. 

The single flame Dynavap torch offers precision, it works really well for anyone that has mixed some hash in with their flower. More heat could be precisely applied to the hash than the flower so as to have a more efficient session. 

The double flame Dynavap torch is great for applying even heat throughout the oven for medium hits. The twin flame will offer great guidance for making sure you apply even heat while you turn your Dynavap over the torch. 

The triple flame Dynavap torch covers the highest reachable temperature and is very good at applying that high temperature over a precise area. The best way to use the triple flame Dynavap torch is to spark it 1 ½ inches away from the VapCap while moving it up and down the length of the oven while you rotate the oven. This way the heat is evenly distributed and the Dynavap reaches an optimum temperature to offer you the thickest clouds and biggest hits. 

It is worth noting that the induction heater is also a good contraption for optimising hits from the Dynavap. However, our experience is that nothing beats the triple flame Dynavap Torch. After a few sessions, you’ll see the Dynavap torch as an extension of your body and be able to “feel” for when your heat ups are complete. 

Optimal Heat Up Position

Lighting Dynavap with flame

The way you hold your Dynavap and torch will have an impact on how evenly your bowl receives heat and how big the hit will be. The key is to be able to cover the VapCap with an even distribution of heat until it makes its click sound. Missing part of the oven during heat-up because the position of the Dynavap limits torch access will produce much smaller hits. Similarly, constantly going over the same part of the oven as opposed to getting an equal spread will increase the chance of accidental combustion and a foul experience. 

In order to maximize your hits through perfecting your positioning, hold the dynavap perpendicular to the flame, so that the tip of the blue flame is what makes contact with the VapCap. 

Dynavap Puffing Technique

hitting the Dynavap

As you can expect, inhale a warm thing too quickly and you’ll cool it down in the process. This is what happens when you take a pull that’s too fast with the Dynavap. Similarly, pull too slowly and the oven will cool down and you’ll get an equally unsatisfying experience. It could be argued that each Dynavap is constructed slightly differently, so a different puff style would yield different results per device. 

With that being said, to get big hits it’s best to take long soft draws, almost like drinking a thick milkshake. Experiment with it to see what happens if inhalation speed is increased or reduced, or even fast at the start and slow at the end. Do try to make your puffs as long as possible until you hear the Dynavap make it’s final click, letting you know it’s cooled down. 

Using The Dynavap Air Holes

finger on the Dynavap airhole

One of the biggest changes that happen to the Dynavap every year is some type of change in its air holes. The air holes on the most recent Dynavaps are designed in such a way that you can have a lot of control on how much air you will feed into the device while pulling. They work such that if they are uncovered, the Dynavap will produce very light and gentle vapour. If they are left covered, it will produce a much larger amount of vapour and a bigger hit will be felt. 

We actually advise against holding the Dynavap air hole down through an entire session. The reason being, the hits can sometimes be too much! We are much more fond of tapping the air hole with a finger while puffing, having complete control on how strong the hit will feel. 

The Ultimate Dynavap HACK

Dynavap Hacks

You may be asking, how do you hack into something that doesn’t actually run on electricity… Well, we’re about to prove that it’s possible to override the Dynavap. This hack requires that you do the following steps: 

  1. Heat up the dynavap with all the advised steps listed above. 
  2. Once it makes a click sound meaning it’s hot, let it cool down.
  3. Once it makes another click sound meaning it’s cooled down, heat it right back up.
  4. Once you hear it click due to heating back up, leave the flame on it for 1-2 seconds. 
  5. After those 1-2 seconds are complete remove the flame. 
  6. Take a thick milkshake-like puff from the dynavap and experience one of the biggest hit’s the Dynavap can offer. 

This method can be handy for anyone that isn’t a fan of how the Dynavap is a graduated experience - it starts off producing light vapor until you reach the second/third reheat. 

We hope this helps you in your search for big hitting Dynavap tricks, let us know if you think we’ve missed any and we’ll try them out before updating the article!

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