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Best CBD Flower Strain For Sex

Best CBD Flower Strain For Sex
Did you know that CBD and cannabis can have an effect on sex? If you’ve already spent enough time with cannabinoids, it’s likely you know just what we’re talking about. 
There’s no shortage of music and movies that explain just how pleasurable cannabis and sex can be together, however, few people understand what is going on or how to find the perfect CBD strain for sex. 
Beyond the references in popular culture, we can also look at controlled medical studies that look at the effect of cannabis on sex. This study from 2019 called “how cannabis alters sexual experience: A survey of men and women” looks at 216 mostly daily cannabis smokers to evaluate which aspects of sexual experience were enhanced or diminished by cannabis use. The results found:
  • 58.9% reported that cannabis increased their desire for sex
  • 73.8% reported increased sexual satisfaction
  • 74.3% reported an increased sensitivity to touch
  • 65.7% reported an increased intensity of orgasms
  • 69.8% reported that they could relax more during sex
  • 50.5% reported that they were better able to focus
  • Half of the participants that reportedly found difficulty in reaching orgasm (14 out of 28) said it was easier to reach orgasm with cannabis
  • 4.7% reported that sex was worse with cannabis
This study supports the beneficial effects of cannabis and cannabinoids like CBD on sex. But did you know, that some CBD strains are better suited for sex than others? Right down to their individual cannabis compounds, they can be best optimized for increasing libido, sensitivity and sexual moods. We’ll briefly break down what causes a CBD flower strain to be better suited for sex, and our top pics. 

What Makes A CBD Flower Strain Optimized For Sex?

As with most of the unique effects of a strain, CBD flowers get their sexual edge from plant compounds called terpenes. They are the building blocks of essential oils, and are responsible for the potent flavors that cannabis is known for. Terpenes drive the effects of cannabis, famously inducing heavy relaxation or refreshing energy. However, some terpenes are known to have the effect to increase and enhance our libidos, even affecting how sexual stimiulation feels. 
The following terpenes are known for their enhancing effects on sex:
  • Limonene: Increases sex drive
  • Linalool: Best for stress relief
  • Beta-Caryophyllene & Humulene: Best for relieving muscle tension
  • Terpinolene: Best to boost energy levels

Top 5 CBD Flower Strains For Sex

1. Lemon Skunk CBD Flower 

This strain comes top of our list for its high limonene content, along with a pleasant accompaniment of relaxing linalool. Of all the CBD flowers we’ve seen, its terpenes bring together a unique mix of sex drive enhancement and stress relief. With tones of ripe lemon, cedar, and a skunky kick, it also tastes absolutely delicious. 
Trim: Dense, frosty, medium sized nugs
Effect: Uplifted, energetic, focused
Flavor: Citrus, skunk, earthy

2. OG Kush CBD Flower

This CBD strain features another great blend of cannabis terpenes: beta-caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene. Its terpenes draw out stress relieving effects, as well as an increase in sex drive. When consumed, it tastes zesty and fresh, with almost a pinch of mint. Subtle flavors of mint and skunk follow through, however the dominant terpene is limonene. 
Trim: Dense, sticky, large sized nugs
Effect: Uplifting, relaxing, social
Flavor: Kush, diesel, earthy

3. Sour Sucker Punch CBD Flower

This brand new limited edition CBD flower strain by The Goods contains the following terpenes: myrcene, limonene and linalool. We are already familiar with the benefits that limonene and linalool can bring to sex, however, the presence of myrcene is very encouraging. Myrcene is a terpene known for its relaxing properties, and we’ve found it to be particularly beneficial during moments of stress. We could see it being very beneficial in new encounters and breaking the tension in those more… intimate moment! Sour Sukcer Punch is absolyetley delicious, arguably one of the most delicious CBD strains we’ve ever tasted. Not only is it extremely dank, it also packs a punch and comes covered in trichomes. 
Trim: Hand trimmed on order, just before it's packaged for ultimate freshness. 
Flavor: Sour Lemon, lime, jasmine, gas, sugar.
Effect: A hybrid of relaxation and uplifting energy, for all day use. 

4. Diesel CBD Flower

The 4 main terpenes in Diesel lend it to being a wonderful strain ready for an intimate session: myrcene, limonene, beta-caryophyllene and linalool. It tastes as gassy as it sounds, with notes of skunk and citrus from the limonene. Similar to actual diesel, this strain has the power to stink up the bedroom, use with discretion! 
Trim: Dense, frosty, large pistons
Effect: Energetic, relaxed, social
Flavor: Diesel, earthy, pine

5. Fruit Cake CBD Flower

This is a great bargain flower for use in the bedroom and features another perfect ensemble of terpenes: myrcene, limonene, beta-caryophyllene and pinene. It is an extremely terpene rich CBD flower, possibly due to the spectrum of light it was fed being grown outdoors in the Italian dolomites. The buds can range in size from medium to exceptionally large, you might find them quite impressive to whip out in the bedroom. 
Trim: Strong, heavy, frosted nugs
Effect: Energizing and uplifting
Flavor: Tart, fruit, cake


There’s very few cases in which a cannabis strain makes sex feel worse, however, the study we looked at at the start of this article did find a very small group of outliers. The likelihood is that if you already enjoy cannabis, and have found it to enhance areas of your life, then the strains mentioned in this article will find a positive way into your sex life. 
We look forward to learning more about how cannabis strains can enhance the intimacy we can experience with others, and understand better how they do their magic.

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