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Why You Should Stay Away from European CBD Products

Why You Should Stay Away from European CBD Products

Edit: Since writing this article, the CBD scene has dramatically changed. We are pleased to say that European hemp and CBD have caught up and, in many cases, surpassed the quality seen in the USA. This is due to better regulations, a massive increase in investment in the industry and widening education. We've refocused our interest in European hemp and see no reason for the quality in Europe to disappoint. 

It really is frustrating to see people being duped into using European CBD products. This is in no way the customer's fault; the industry is so new and confusing. But it is essential to make a clear statement. European hemp should not enter your body!
Hemp laws in Europe are the reason for this. They haven’t changed since World War 2 and only allow for the legal cultivation of a short list of hemp strains. These industrial strains are purposefully picked due to their high fibre content, an essential feature since their use is for textile production and other industrial goods. They lack cannabinoids, therefore:

  1. More plants must be processed to extract the required CBD - a very inefficient process.
  2. The range of cannabinoids (everything that is not CBD) is minuscule - they are nutrient deficient.
  3. They have a horrible taste and lack terpenes - users do not benefit from the entourage effect. 
The problem with European Hemp has nothing to do with the land they are grown on or the farmers that cultivate them. It’s to do with the quality of the plants that can legally be grown in Europe. Their intent is not to be consumed but to make textiles, batteries, etc.
Fortunately, the hemp we source from America is grown under very different laws that allow for the cultivation of ALL hemp strains. These strains have been chosen to be incredibly nutritious, very palatable, and have a tremendous terpene profile. What is better about them?
  1. Each plant is extremely high in CBD content - very efficient.
  2. They have an extensive range of cannabinoids - rich in nutrients.
  3. They are palatable and abundant in terpenes - you can expect to experience the entourage effect.

You might ask, how are these products legal to purchase in the UK?

They still meet the UK legal requirements of any CBD products (to have under 0.2% THC) and have been approved by customs as a legal commodity. We hope to share this knowledge with as many users as possible so that people stop wasting money and time using inferior products and get the CBD they need.

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