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Why Does Weed Make You Fart More?

Why Does Weed Make You Fart More?
Cannabis users on the internet have been sharing their experiences with how weed makes them fart more. For example, a post on Quora revealed nearly 40 people seeking answers to why smoking weed makes them fart more. 
We were surprised to see that beyond online chat rooms, none of the cannabis experts had caught a whiff of this baffling phenomenon. So, after rigorous internal testing and comparing different types of weed on our bowel movements, we felt compelled to make this article to help those seeking an answer as to why weed makes you fart more. 

Why Weed Makes You Fart

Why Weed Makes You Fart

3 main reasons weed makes you fart more:
  • It relaxes your bowel muscles
  • Sometimes weed increases anxiety, which induces farts
  • Smokers can swallow air
One of the most pleasurable effects of weed is that it helps relax the body. One can feel total relaxation throughout the body seconds after inhaling cannabis smoke. Muscles begin to loosen up, and in extreme cases, people become couch-locked. In less severe cases, people's bowls relax, causing gas to pass quickly. 
A common negative side-effect of weed that smokers experience is anxiety. Despite what movies and pop culture perpetuate, weed doesn't always chill you out. This medical study reveals the unwanted side effect of anxiety that cannabis can cause. Stress directly impacts our gut health and can cause gas and bloating. This undesirable side effect is most familiar with high THC levels and can be avoided by combining CBD flowers to reduce the risk of anxiety. 
Among the online chat rooms, a popular theory for why weed makes smokers fart more is that they must be swallowing air. Some users claim that they've seen new users swallow gulps of air only to exhale small clouds of weed. We must admit, we're not entirely convinced that the air swallowing theory holds much substance. There's not any science to back it up. Furthermore, our experience is that swallowing air makes you burp, not fart. So maybe we should follow this article up with a look into how smoking weed makes you burp more!

Which Cannabis Products Are Most Likely To Make You Fart?

Which Cannabis Products Are Most Likely To Make You Fart?

The method of consuming weed seems to impact the likelihood of it making the user fart. Our product testing yielded some fascinating results on what we will remember as the gassiest day in our team's history. Weed products ranked most likely to least likely to make you fart:
  • Smoking weed flower
  • Smoking weed + hash
  • Dabbing extracts
  • Vaping weed
  • Vaping extracts through The Dabamizer
  • Eating edibles
  • Drinking cannabis oil
Smoking weed had an immediate and profound effect on most participants. When users inhale cannabis smoke, they absorb cannabinoids immediately into the bloodstream. These cannabinoids bind to endocannabinoid receptors found all over the body. The bowls are densely packed with cannabinoid receptors, responding excellently to the stimulation of these cannabinoids. The result of which is effective bowl relaxation and farts. 
Across the board, we observed that inhalation of cannabis products has the most effect on flatulence. Interestingly, orally consumed products, like oils and edibles, didn't affect our participants in the same way. 

What Can You Do To Stop Weed From Making You Fart?

What Can You Do To Stop Weed From Making You Fart?

For many, one of the last places you'd want to feel gassy is at a weed hangout. Rest assured, there are some tips and tricks to help you avoid this unwanted side effect. To prevent yourself from getting gassy because of weed:
  • Mix CBD with your weed
  • Eat edibles
  • Stop swallowing air when smoking
Mixing CBD with your weed is clinically proven to reduce the potential for anxiety to creep into your high. You can easily do this by using CBD flowerCBD wax or CBD oils, depending on how you think you'd most prefer. Less anxiety means your digestive system will be less compromised, and you'll hopefully find yourself farting less. 
Our internal testing revealed that edibles are one of the best ways to avoid weed-induced flatulence. That being said, you should avoid some foods regardless of cannabis content. For example, avoid foods that are very rich in fat and consume fibre on the side to help facilitate your digestive system. 
Lastly, if you're set on smoking weed, ensure you've perfected your inhalation technique. All air that goes in must come out. You shouldn't be taking gulps of air! If you're struggling with this, try to reduce the size of the puffs you take.

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