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Why CBD cartridges/pens leak

Why CBD cartridges/pens leak

All cartridges leak - this is an unavoidable problem in the cannabis space. There are countless posts on cannabis forums discussing this very topic, but few companies that are willing to talk about how frequent this is and why it can happen. This problem applies to all cartridges, THC and CBD - we’re going to talk about why they leak, how good manufacturers prevent this from happening, and what you can do to make sure your cartridges and distillate pens last as long as possible without leaking. 

Why CBD Cartridges Leak

This can be a bit confusing to explain - please bear with me I promise to make this explanation as simple as possible! 

When distillate/cannabis oil is filled in the cartridge/pod tank, the liquid makes its way down the oil hole. Assuming the cartridge has no mouthpiece to close it up (since oil has just been filled in through the top) pressure from the air will start to push down on the liquid - forcing it out of the bottom hole in the cartridge. 

If the mouthpiece is quickly applied to the top of the cartridge after the oil is filled, there will be no pressure from the air to push the oil out of the bottom hole. In this state the oil would be kept in a vacuum and it would hold long enough for it to soak into the coil within the cartridge. 

Good manufacturers (although few!) will apply their mouthpieces very soon after filling the cartridge to reduce pressure from the air and keep the oil contained. 

We have vetted many cartridges and distillate pens and certify the extra steps The Goods take in their filling process to ensure leaks are kept to a minimum. 

  1. They have their cartridges and dab pens custom built to have the perfect dimension of oil hole (narrow) so as to slow down the distillate before it reaches the bottom of the cartridge. 
  2. They have silicone lined components which means that the volatile terpenes (cannabis aromas) do not corrode through the device and cause a dangerous leak. 
  3. They time test all products by placing them in high risk positions (horizontally flat) for 24 hours. Any pens that leak in this stage are discarded to avoid an unhappy customer!

How to store CBD cartridges for long life

When you receive your cartridge or distillate pen, you should feel comfortable to transport it how you please - the product is meant to make your life easier. If it leaks because you put it in your pocket upside down, the manufacturer would be at fault not you. If you want to extend the lifespan of your device, you could do several things:

  1. Keep your cartridge upright when not in use - they can have an awkward shape so keep the box it came in handy. 
  2. Keep your cartridge stored in a cool room - warm temperatures will change the consistency of distillate/oil and make it more likely to seep past the coil into the bottom hole. 
  3. If your cartridge came with silicone covers, keep those secured on the top and bottom of your cartridge when you’re not using them. 

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