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Why Are CBD Oils & Tinctures Popular?

Why Are CBD Oils & Tinctures Popular?

CBD Oil is trending with everyone from athletes to seniors and even pets. Learn about CBD and find out why are CBD Oils and Tinctures so popular now.

 CBD Oil is taking over the health and wellness world by storm. Celebrities, athletes, and performers are raving about CBD and it seems that every single shop in the UK wants to sell it.

 Find out why CBD Oils & Tinctures have become so popular so quickly. In this article, we cover what you should know about CBD and why more people choose to keep coming back for more every day. 

About CBD Oil 

CBD Oil in the UK contains naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found in the Hemp plant and studies indicate these compounds have powerful properties that may be therapeutic.

CBD works directly with the bodys endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for helping to regulate nearly every aspect of health and wellness in the body. 

Studies indicate that CBD helps to boost the presence of endogenous cannabinoids such as anandamide, an important neurotransmitter. 

Also referred to as the bliss molecule, anandamide is known to affect mood and behavior, stress-responses, and many other aspects of balancing overall health and wellness including -

  •     Sleep and wake regulation
  •     Appetite and hunger
  •     Inflammatory responses
  •     Pain perception
  •     Blood pressure
  •     Neurological mechanisms
  •     Muscle spasticity
  •     Skin health
  •     And more

 How to Take CBD Oil

So, why has CBD Oil exploded into the world so rapidly catching everyones attention? First, its considered to be very safe, non-toxic, and wont cause you to feel stoned or high. 

Second, CBD Oils and Tinctures are super easy to take! Studies indicate that the body most readily absorbs CBD when taken sublingually, or in drops held under the tongue.

This is because the compound is absorbed directly into the bloodstream under the tongue. By bypassing the digestive system, CBD becomes directly bioavailable to the endocannabinoid system.

Oils and tinctures are perfectly formulated for taking accurately measured dosages in sublingual droplet form. Perhaps this is why so many prefer to keep coming back to CBD Oil to other forms such as CBD Concentrates or CBD Edibles.

Its typically recommended to start taking CBD in small amounts to first see how your body reacts, and then gradually increase until youve reached the desired results. 

Other ways of taking CBD Oil or CBD Tinctures include ingesting them with infused food or drink such as with CBD Edibles. The onset of CBDs effects takes more time through ingestion but the effects may last longer compared to other forms.

Ultimately, each person responds uniquely to CBD according to a variety of factors such as genetics, environment, dosage, potency, tolerance, and personality. 

CBD Oils Effects on Health   

Because CBD activates cannabinoid receptors, researches suggest that it could provide a multitude of benefits for a variety of health-related issues. The most common reasons people are using CBD include -

Initially, CBD has a powerful calming like effect that is said to encourage deep relaxation. Researchers attribute this to activation of cannabinoid, vanilloid, and serotonin receptors in the brain and body that boost endocannabinoid system tone and activity.

CBD is most notably known for anti-inflammatory properties that suppress the release of inflammatory compounds in the body including cytokines. 

Its also known to calm pain receptors by blocking pain signals sent to the brain, and boost the bodys innate pain-relieving bio-mechanisms. 

In animal studies, CBD has also shown to have anti-depressant and anti-anxiety like properties. Others systems of the body CBD to influences through activating the endocannabinoid system include –

  •     Cardiovascular System 
  •     Respiratory System 
  •     Musculoskeletal System
  •     Immunological System
  •     Neurological System
  •     Endocrine System
  •     Digestive System
  •     Skin health 

Researchers studying CBD Hemp suggest its combined properties may be beneficial for many different symptoms related to a wide array of health problems, but further studies are greatly needed.  

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