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What Is Twaxing?

Twaxing a joint is the combination of cannabis flower and cannabis extract in a joint. While a regular cannabis joint might have around 15% total cannabinoids, a Twaxed joint can contain anywhere above 50% total cannabinoids. Twaxing a joint is somewhat of an art, with several machine-made versions available in legal countries due to the difficulty less experienced users face in rolling them themselves. If you’ve been smoking cannabis for some time, you’re probably capable of Twaxing a joint yourself. There’s no better time to pick up Twaxing than right now due to the recent creation of several incredibly high-quality CBD extracts and flowers. With these clean and trustworthy ingredients, you can have a go at Twaxing a joint with one of the most relaxing cannabinoids we know of.  

What Is Twaxing?

What is twaxing

Twaxing is the combination of cannabis flower and cannabis extract in a joint. There are many ways it can be done, but to be called a Twax joint, the creation must contain a mixture of cannabis extract and flower. Often, we Twax joints that are made with wax as this is one of the easiest cannabis extracts to handle with herbs. Wax isn’t too sticky; it quickly breaks apart like hash and has fantastic flavour and potency. 

How Do You Twax A Joint?

There are two ways to Twax a joint. You can either include cannabis extract into the joint by applying it outside or rolling it inside the joint. We believe you will find better results from rolling your extract inside the joint. However, it is much easier to roll the joint with the cannabis extract wrapped around the outside of it. 
Because a Twaxed joint is all about potency, we highly recommend using a high-quality flower with a high-quality cannabis extract. Look at our premium CBD flower range for an organised list of our highest quality indoor cannabis strains. 
There are three types of cannabis extract that we often see being used as the second and final ingredient. These are: Each extract has a different purpose, potency and ease of use. Our favourite extract to use when Twaxing is Wax, as it crumbles up very quickly without leaving the finger sticky, tastes incredibly good and burns slowly and consistently. 
Choose a long and robust quality of rolling paper to ensure you’re giving yourself a good chance at getting your Twaxed joint right the first time. 

Twaxing Inside The Joint

Twax inside joint

This is our preferred Twaxing method, and it involves rolling the cannabis extract inside the joint instead of coating the outside.
  • Grind up your herb, pull out a sheet of rolling paper and roll yourself a medium-sized filter.
  • Spread the paper flat so that you can apply a thin layer of ground herb consistently on the paper, with the filter placed on the end that you would generally roll with it. 
  • Begin to crumble your wax finely so you can sprinkle it into the middle of your rolling paper in the shape of a snake. Apply the wax from the tip facing away from the filter, but don’t add wax to the region 2cm from the filter. 
  • Carefully roll the sides of the paper together so that the joint becomes compact, and proceed to complete the joint with a lick on the sticky end. 
  • Light it up and enjoy, relighting it if it burns faster on a particular side of the Twaxed joint. 

Twaxing Outside The Joint

Twax outside joint

To Twax a joint with extract, you can roll your joint as you normally would and then drip hot shatter or wax onto the outside so that it hardens and awaits your consumption. We’ve noticed that this trend has become increasingly popular because it is the easiest way to Twax. You might lose a bit of extract due to it dripping off the joint, but it is fun, and you can get creative with the different patterns and creations you can make.
If you want to enhance a Twaxed joint with shatter, you can roll it in pollen hash, as this will stick to the shatter and raise the overall potency of the joint. 

Our Thoughts On Twaxing

4 twaxed joints

We’re big fans of Twaxing and find that they are a great way to smoke a very potent mixture of cannabis and undeniably cool and great for social events. Our preferred Twax joint involves using wax with flowers inside the joint instead of outside. This increases the efficiency and overall effectiveness of the joint. 
We recommend taking things easy with Twaxing if you’re new to cannabis. The process is slightly more complicated than regular rolling, and Twaxed joints are often incredibly potent. They’re on par with dabbing - arguably the most potent cannabis experience. 

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