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What Is Dabbing? and How Do Dabs Work? (Starting Guide)

What is dabbing and how do dabs work? - HempElf UK Top Hemp & CBD Products online for sale.

Dabbing 101

Dabs are concentrated forms of cannabis, made by extracting cannabinoids using a solvent.

To touch, they are typically sticky and are coined names like wax, shatter, budder and butane hash oil (BHO).

They are vaporised either through a "dab rig" or a dabbing pen such as the DynaVap.

Dabbing is one of the newest ways of consuming cannabis -- and it is by far the fastest growing cannabis product right now.

Users can quickly take a high dose of CBD or THC in one hit, with smooth flavour and satisfying vapour. 

ISMOKE Dabbing Our "The Goods" CBD Wax and Shatter

The Strength, Flavour and Absorption

Dabs are the most concentrated for of cannabis.

For anyone looking to take high doses of CBD, a CBD Wax or Shatter is likely the cheapest and most practical (small size) solution.

Extraction can typically remove a lot of the terpenes (taste and flavour) naturally found in the plant.

Depending on how aggressive the extraction process is, terpenes should remain in a dab.

It's always best to make sure the dabs you're using have terpenes added -- this will increase the synergistic effects according to recent studies in to the effectiveness of cannabis.

If you're lucky you'll find dabs that are strain specific and get choices like "OG Kush" and "Granddaddy Purple". 

What is dabbing and how do dabs work? - HempElf UK Top Hemp & CBD Products online for sale.

Be Safe... Buy Safe

High quality dabs incur no health risks.

However, there's always irresponsible vendors who take shortcuts to make a profit.

Extraction is the key part to look at - the process is tricky and should only be done in a lab buy professionals.

A poor quality dab is usually the result of bad extraction where solvents used contaminate the dab and are left for the user to inhale - which can be toxic.

Here are some things to look out for to stay safe with CBD dabs:

  • Lab testing
  • High-grade solvents
  • Closed loop extraction equipment 
  • Trained extraction professionals

When it comes to THC dabs, there's also a potency risk - some extracts test 60-90% THC, which means it doesn't take much to get very high.

When handling strong THC dabs, it is recommended to take a rice grain portion to begin with, waiting 15-30 mins, and taking more if the effects are not strong enough.

While it's impossible to die from a cannabis overdose, it's never a bad idea to start slow to ensure a positive experience. 

Benefits of dabbing?

One of the biggest benefits is the speed of onset, dabbers usually feel the effects of a dab almost immediately.

For medical cannabis users this is a huge plus when dealing with issues such as nausea and chronic pain. 

Another benefit is how clean dabs are for the lungs.

Unlike dry herb, which contains a number of carcinogens, resin and hot smoke, dabs are clean and release a vapour - not a smoke when dabbed. 

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