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What Is CBD Wax Crumble & CBD Shatter?

CBD Wax, CBD Crumbe, CBS Shatter in the UK Options and what is it? Hemp Elf UK

What Is CBD Wax Crumble & CBD Shatter?

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of CBD cannabis, you probably don't know about concentrates. CBD wax is one of the most common and versatile forms, and it’s one of the easiest consistencies to dab and ingest.  

In the UK, CBD is generally thought of in its oil form. This is just a result of other concentrates like CBD Wax, CBD Wax Crumble, CBD Live Resin, CBD Shatter, CBD Budder, and many more being new to the market and under-advertised to the general public. 

CBD Shatter

Shatter’s are typically a mix of CBD and CBG. Traditional Shatter has always been a convenient, reliable, and versatile option. Like all the best CBD products, it is pure, potent and natural covering your CBD needs in a convenient form. 

CBD Crumble

This form is more like the consistency you would find in fresh baked cookies. CBD Crumble is produced with higher temperatures and increased air pressure during the “purging process”. CBD Crumble is fluffier and waxier but no less potent.

Using CBD Wax Crumble & CBD Shatter 

While wax or shatter is edible, oil is likely a better and healthier option. Provided these forms contain an acting solvent. There are specific products on the market for just that purpose. Wax and shatter aren't designed to be a part or type of rub-on ointment, it is generally best used for vaping and dabbing.

Vaping CBD Wax Crumble/ Vaping CBD Shatter 

If you vape or if you are familiar with the CBD or hemp world, the term “dabbing” is something you are probably familiar with. It is simply the process of heating the wax or shatter and and placing a small pellet-sized amount on your pen coil. The wax then vaporizes upon heating and hence, users are now vaping as they inhale.

Dabbing CBD Wax Crumble/ Dabbing CBD Shatter 

Dabbing is an extremely effective delivery system for administering high doses of CBD in a relatively short period of time. CBD dabs are a form of cannabis concentrate extracted from non-psychoactive hemp.

 CBD oils and isolates are the initial results of extracting CBD from the plant. While these oils are then purged to produce wax, the potency remains intact and the effectiveness of oil versus wax is dependent on the user.

 CBD wax crumble and CBD shatter are just additional ways to experience the benefits of this amazing new industry. Furthermore, it could be the best way for you to experience CBD, so why not try it out?  With so many available UK CBD wax crumble and UK CBD shatter options there’s likely a CBD product that’s perfect for you. 

Hemp Elf Highlighted - CBD Wax & Crumble Products


We started HempElf with the idea that quality CBD should be readily available for consumption in both recreational and medical applications. People have multiple uses for the CBD in both respective fields. CBD affects everyone differently whether your trying to combat anxiety or just trying to relax into a deep sleep. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive what you need. 

Being CBD advocates, we know it's important to get a clean pure product at a fair price. We test and enjoy all of our products in our online selection, there isn't a product on our website we don't enjoy. Believing in our company and hand selecting products allows us to bring you the best products on the CBD market today. 

If you don't enjoy the smoking, vaping, or any of the other traditional CBD delivery methods, don't fear. We offer a vast range of CBD products such as: CBD gummies, CBD candies, CBD chocolates, CBD breath-sprays and even topical CBD creams, CBD lotions even CBD lip balms to soothe your CBD needs.

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