Vape CBD For Anxiety, Stress & Sleep: UK Guide

Vape CBD For Anxiety, Stress & Sleep: UK Guide

You can vape CBD for anxiety, stress and sleep issues, however it’s important to note that Cannabidiol is not a medicine. Numerous medical studies have shown that CBD has the potential to treat many conditions, and due to its recent legislation in the UK, there’s always news of new findings. 

CBD, otherwise known as Cannabindiol, is the main cannabinoid found in hemp - a form of cannabis that has naturally low levels of THC. CBD products are made by extracting hemp flowers to concentrate the essential cannabis compounds. These compounds are mostly fat soluble, and can be easily mixed into oils, creams and butters to make a variety of CBD products. 

Each CBD product has a different suitability for a customer. CBD oils, sprays, capsules and edibles are ideal for people looking to orally administer their CBD - they are also some of the slowest acting but longest lasting CBD products. Not everyone has the time to wait for CBD to enter the bloodstream and act on their cannabinoid receptors. For more urgent needs, a fast acting CBD product - like a CBD vape - is ideal.

CBD Vapes Are Fast Acting

CBD Vapes Fast Acting

CBD vapes enter the bloodstream at a much faster rate than any other CBD product. Unlike CBD oils which go through the First Pass Effect, a barrier for metabolizing compounds, CBD vapes go straight to the bloodstream. After taking a CBD oil, the immediate effects of CBD usually take effect within 30 to 90 minutes. Our experience is that when we vape CBD, the effects kick in almost instantly, however Healthline says that it can take up to 15 minutes

CBD Vapes Are Potent

Most of the CBD vapes we recommend to readers are potent because we favor the “uncut” CBD vape products. By uncut, we mean CBD vapes that contain nothing but pure Cannabidiol distillate and cannabis terpenes. These are different to the usual CBD vapes you’ll find in the UK because they do not contain non-cannabis ingredients such as PG or VG. 

CBD Vapes that are not diluted with VG and PG are unsurprisingly more concentrated - and far more potent than the diluted options. For this reason, they can be extremely suitable for those moments of stress, restless sleep or anxiety. From our experience, a single puff on a CBD vape with cannabidiol distillate in it delivers instant effects that can be felt throughout the body. 

CBD For Anxiety & Stress

CBD For Anxiety Stress

According to Esther M. Blessing, “Current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders”. There are countless other medical studies that conclude the same thing, that large doses of CBD has a clinical impact on patients suffering from anxiety disorders. Many of us already know this, it’s become mainstream knowledge since CBD became legal in the UK. What we don’t hear about is how the participants in these studies are taking highly concentrated CBD products - similar to the CBD vapes we’ve been talking about. 

CBD For Sleep

CBD For Sleep

According to Kimberly A. Babson, “Cannabidiol (CBD) may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of insomnia”. She also adds “CBD may hold promise for REM sleep behavior disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness”. We’ve tried a handful of CBD vapes with relaxing strain profiles and can attest to the sleepy feeling we get almost instantly from inhaling them. 

When it comes to finding a CBD vape that works best for bedtime, it’s highly important not just to consider a highly concentrated product, but also the correct strain profile. Certain strains can end up keeping you up at night, while others - such as those dominant in the terpene myrcene - can speed up the sleep process. 

5 Best CBD Vapes For Stress, Anxiety And Sleep

This is a list of CBD vapes that we’ve found to help us, it certainly is not a guide on how to take CBD as a medicine - please discuss that with your doctor. All the CBD vapes discussed are ready to use out of the box, pre-filled into disposable vape pens that can hold up to several weeks worth of CBD. We believe that you should be able to take your CBD anytime, anywhere, so portability is important as well as quality and purity

1. Strawnana CBD Vape Disposable - 45% CBD

Strawnana CBD Vape Disposable
At the top of our list comes this deeply relaxing CBD vape profile. We’ve suggested this as our number one CBD vape due to terpenes found within each disposable vape pen. Cannabis terpenes are known to have a synergistic effect with cannabinoids, so as to increase their effects via The Entourage Effect. When we take hits from the Strawnana vape pen, it instantly flushes tension from the mind and body, relieving many of the reasons we take CBD for in the first place. Not only is it effective, but we’ve also found this to be one of the most delicious tasting CBD vapes in the UK. Each pull unleashes the sweet candy like flavor of strawberries and banana, coupled with the dankness of cannabis. 
Flavor: Strawberry, sweet, banana
Effect: Relaxing
Customer Review: “I haven’t tried a CBD vape pen in a few years but I’m trying to give up smoking completely and I’ve got to say the quality on this is amazing. The taste is sweet and mouthwatering, the effects seem very clear headed but relaxed. And came next day...will be buying again”

2. Zkittlez CBD Vape Disposable - 45% CBD

Zkittlez CBD Vape Disposable
Taking second place is another relaxing CBD vape strain profile. Zkittlez is famously known for being a cup winning cannabis strain from America. In 2016, Hightimes named Zkittlez as the 9th best tasting bud on earth, known not just for its sheer quantity of terps, but the quality of them too. A unique terpene combo that features hints of Grapefruit and tropical fruits. We find this terpene profile does wonders for settling our tension after stressful encounters and troubled sleep. It also has a pleasant taste that reminds us of the 2016 cup winning strain. 
Flavor: Sweet, berry, herbal, tropical, grapefruit
Effect: Relaxing
Customer Review: “This product is fantastic, it completely relaxes you within seconds, no anxiety, helps me sleep too, ps skittles tastes great!”

3. Blue Dream CBD Vape Disposable - 45% CBD

Blue Dream CBD Vape Disposable
Rather surprisingly, this CBD vape is our first energizing strain profile despite the name having “dream” in it. We’ve added this strain to the list due to our experiences with social stresses and CBD. Sometimes, rather than relaxing ourselves, what we really need is a social lubricant to bring our energy up and help beat the fear of socializing - perhaps more now than ever before. Blue Dream has certain terpenes in it that are known to interact with cannabinoids in such a way to bring out the more energizing effects of cannabis that are commonly associated with sativa strains. We find it still brings our tension down, but offers us an advantage when out in social situations. The flavors are delicious, and we commonly hear our reader rave about how this is one of their favorite cannabis profiles, almost tasting “blue”. 
Flavor: Sweet, blueberry
Effect: Energy
Customer Review: “As someone who is trying to kick bad drinking/smoking habits this product is nothing short of incredible. It tastes good, the relaxing body effect is amazing and the actual unit has a great design and is extremely functional. Three mid size drags and I could feel my body release stress with less tension. From the reviews online I've seen this should last at a month or more depending on usage, if so this is the best £20 I've spent in a long time. Time to try the other flavors!”

4. Forbidden Fruit CBD Vape Disposable - 45% CBD

Forbidden Fruit CBD Vape Disposable
Interestingly, Forbidden Fruit is a relaxing and grapefruit/dank leaning CBD vape pen profile - not what you might expect from the biblical connotations of its name. This is the first time we’ve tasted such an authentically tangy and sweet terpene profile in a distillate CBD vape. The effects have made it one of our go-tos when we’re hit with rough times, especially moments of disrupted sleep. I recall taking a few puffs of this CBD vape profile during a night where the noise outside was keeping my mind busy, and I soon returned to sleep until the next morning. 
Flavor: Grapefruit, pine & dank cannabis
Effect: Relaxing
Customer Review: “I think This is the best one.Definitely gives you the “chill” feeling and the flavor is pretty amazing.I mean I’m writing it after a few puffs and this one gives you positive vibes only.” 

5. Grape Ape CBD Vape Disposable - 45% CBD

Grape Ape CBD Vape Disposable
Our final CBD vape to recommend is another relaxing profile - this time with an exciting grape flavor leaning. Grape Ape is a cup winning strain that has won the Green Cup 2 times and a handful of other awards, mostly for its unique flavor. There are few strains that have achieved to bring out the authentic flavor of grape like Grape Ape has. Now you can enjoy its tantalizing flavors coupled with CBD distillate in a disposable CBD vape pen. We’ve found this profile to be very heavy on the cannabis flavor, something that we advise for experienced smokers and less so for first timers. The dankness of cannabis is an acquired taste, and while we love it, not everyone does. Most importantly, the effects are profound. It seems to have a similar effect to all the other relaxing strains we’ve mentioned on this list, with fast effects from the first inhale. 
Flavor: Grape, pine & lavender
Effect: Relaxing
Customer Review: “Lovely product that holds true to its description... The effects are full-on relaxation! Just what I need after a long and stressful day. The Flavor is quite nice as well, with a smoky grape finish. I love using these pens since they do not leave a lingering smell in the room and it's perfect to have when you're getting into bed! Huge shoutout to the HempElf customer service team for being so quick with addressing one of the concerns I had regarding my order. Simply fantastic service from you all, thank you again!”


You should now feel more confident in looking for vape CBD products in the UK, taking onboard all the information we’ve shared in this article, the medical studies and strains and products we’ve found to be beneficial. The CBD scene has a habit of changing quickly, we’ve been working to serve and educate CBD users for nearly 5 years now and have seen everything you can imagine. Keeping up with new findings, ground breaking strains and innovative products is our passion. We’ll always try to keep you in the loop if there’s something worth sharing. If you want to be added to our mailing list to learn more about what we discover, please sign up now and join our community!

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