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Using Extracts with the DynaVap M 2020

Using Extracts with the DynaVap M 2020

The Dynavap M 2020

The legendary battery-free vaporiser company announced at the start of this year that they would be releasing their most game changing vaporiser yet. Fans were teased with some of the new features, even the box intrigued everyone.

Constructed from medical grade stainless steel, it now features:

  • The Captive Cap functional geometry.
  • A faceted tip with airflow serrations.
  • An adjust-a-bowl tech to reduce the extraction chamber by 50% for easy micro-dosing.
  • Chiral airports for calibrated high turbulence air injection
  • a 10mm tapered mouthpiece. 

Unlike other vaporiser companies, Dynavap have put the health of both its users and the planet in mind, with all new 100% recyclable cardboard packaging that is also very pocket friendly. 

What Are Extracts?

Extracts are concentrated forms of cannabis, often focusing on a particular cannabinoid. Extraction methods vary and yield different types of extracts. In the UK CBD market, the two most popular types of CBD extracts are:

  1. CBD shatter - isolated CBD, with up to 99%  purity. 
  2. CBD wax - a range of different cannabinoids, with the largest proportion being CBD. 

Extracts are often either unstable or just too concentrated to be suitable for smoking in the traditional fashion. Therefore they are most commonly vaporised. Choosing the right vaporiser, as well as understanding how to use it will greatly influence your success and pleasure when consuming extracts.  

There are 2 mainstream methods for vaporising extracts through the Dynavap. 

1. DynaCoil

The DynaCoil is the official concentrate/extract adapter for the DynaVap. It's an impressive little creation that offers a very high quality dab experience. Typically when a vaporiser offers compatibility with both dry herb and extracts, the experience using herb and extract vary a lot. With the DynaVap, it's hard to tell what it handles better, both herb and extract vape amazingly. 

Simply slot the DynaCoil into the DynaVap bowl, add a small grain sized portion of extract, and close off the system with the Cap. Using your heat source, evenly heat up your Cap until you hear two clicks and inhale.

2. Cotton/AVB

This method was initially popularised before the DynaCoil was invented and Dynavap users had to get creative with ways to vape extracts. It's cheap, effective and easy to clean. 

Simply add a "bed" layer of either cotton or AVB (Already Vaped Bud), and place a grain sized portion of extract on the top. Close the system off with the Cap, and using your heat source evenly heat it up until 2 clicks are heard - then inhale. 

Compatible with glass pieces

Extracts are very intense, and sometimes it can be easier to take a hit after passing the vapour through some water. The new 2020 M has been conveniently designed to fit most 10mm glass pieces, so you can just slide the vape where you would usually place your bowl.

Fat Mouth Piece

The Fat mouth piece is a handy accessory made by Dynavap to offer a more comfortable experience when hitting the vape. It is soft on the mouth, and prevents heat from the device from travelling to your lips. 

The Best Heat Source

The DynaVap is battery-free, so it's important to make sure that there's enough heat being evenly distributed on the device to get the best experience. These are our top recommendations for making sure you're getting the best heat in the game:

1. The Cyclone

2. The Churchill

3. The Equalizer

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