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The UK’s First Legal Joint: Legal CBD Pre-Roll

CBD Pre-Roll

Legal pre-rolls only recently became available in the UK, and they’ve already taken cannabis enthusiasts by storm. Now, people can enjoy the effects and flavors of cannabis in the UK without worrying about the threat of police intervention. You can buy and use them with or without a medical cannabis prescription, and find them online or in stores across the country. 

You may be asking, why are CBD pre-rolls suddenly legal in the UK, what do they feel like, and what do I tell the police if they stop me with one? We’ll answer all those questions and share with you our favorite profiles for wake and bake, and bedtime. 

Are CBD Pre-Rolls Legal? How?

The Goods CBD Roll

In 2018, the UK parliament passed laws legalizing certain cannabinoids including CBD and CBDa. This transformed and legitimized the CBD industry and gave birth to the possibility for legal CBD pre-rolls. 

Whilst this was a big improvement for cannabis laws for the UK, some things were still left grey. The actual flower was still left in the dark, with much uncertainty about how it could be sold legally - albeit with several loopholes. After much research, the CBD extract pioneers at The Goods CBD came up with a legal CBD pre-roll for the UK inspired by Canadian stoner culture and their understanding of exotic cannabinoid extracts. Their CBD pre-roll is 100% legal in the UK, offering all the effects, flavor and smell of the CBD flowers we know and love, and full legal protection. 

What Do You Get With A Legal Pre-Roll?


The Goods Girl Scout Cookies

When you purchase a legal pre-roll, you will receive a perfectly rolled big joint (weighing approximately 1g - often more). The pre-roll comes packaged in a sleek sealed glass tube to maintain freshness of herb and terpenes (smell and flavor). These tubes are a great way to store any further joints, and equally a way of proving to the police that you are in possession of a legal cannabis pre-roll. 

Each pre-roll is loaded up with about 1g or more of The Goods proprietary herbal blend, a broad spectrum of cannabinoids with no THC, and cannabis derived terpenes. A QR code can be found on each pre-roll tube for lab tests and other bits of information you might find interesting about the cannabinoids present in the joint. 

What Does A Legal Pre-Roll Feel like

The Goods Pre-Roll

These legal pre-rolls most feel relaxing to consume. We find that it depends on the strain profile chosen, as certain strains are known for their sleepy effects, while others have a reputation for awaking and energizing. 

Aside from having relaxing/energizing effects, they are very smooth to burn. The heat distribution is optimal ensuring that they burn with white ash. 

Each legal pre-roll is machine rolled with high quality natural rolling paper with excess paper - something that is unavoidable when rolling a joint by hand. The filter tips are sturdy and made from a high quality thick cut of natural paper. 

What To Tell The Police About Legal Pre-Rolls?

Yes, these pre-rolls are legal in the UK, however, there’s always a chance that the police could stop you to ask some questions if caught in the wrong place and the wrong time. If this happens, rest easy knowing that you’re on the safe side of the law and that even if the officers want to push hard and perform an on the spot test on the pre-roll, that you’ll face no criminal charges. Since all the THC has been removed from the rolls, they will not fail a drugs test.

The packaging on these legal CBD pre-rolls has all the information needed to verify their legality to any sensible police officer. They should see that it is a broad spectrum infused proprietary herbal blend that has legal cannabis derived terpenes. There’s also a QR code on each pre-roll tube for them to read 3rd party lab tests that will further prove the lack of THC in each joint. 

Our Favorite UK Legal CBD Pre-Rolls

Granddaddy Purple CBD Pre-Roll (Relaxing)

The Goods Granddaddy Purple

We are big fans of the effects from the Granddaddy Purple CBD pre roll due to its heavy relaxing effect. This is due to the dominance of a terpene called myrcene. Myrcene is actually the main terpene found in most THC rich cannabis strains and is attributed to the sleepy effects many of them have. We love hitting a Granddaddy Purple CBD pre-roll before bed or at moments of stress. Aside from the effects, this profile also tastes delicious - with hints of berries, lavender and linen. 

Fragrance: Sweet, floral, earthy

Effects: Soothed, tired and a fusion of euphoria

Customer Review: “full of flavor, clean smoke, clean ash, 10/10”

Zkittlez CBD Pre-Roll (Energizing)

The Goods Zkittlez

For those that are looking for a great wake and bake pre-roll, you can’t go wrong with Zkittlez. This profile seems to offer a burst of energy to our team that very few cannabis profiles can match. If you’ve ever tried the THC dominant Zkittlez varieties, you’ll know what to expect with this one. Along with outstanding effects, it has equally satisfying flavor, taking a more tropical direction. 

Fragrance: Sweet, berry, herbal, tropical

Effects: Uplifting, focused, happy, soothing

Customer Review: “First time using cbd for my personality disorder and its calmed me down more than any propranolol or diazapam ever has love it ! Great taste to :)”

Blue Dream CBD Pre-Roll (Energizing)

The Goods Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a classic cannabis strain that most smokers will be very familiar with. Unlike the connotations you might get from its name, Blue Dream is actually a great strain to start the day with.  We find that we get more talkative and active when we hit this profile, and the flavor pairs perfectly with a sugary breakfast, like fresh pancakes! 

Fragrance: Sweet blueberry

Effects: Euphoric and creative

Customer Review: “So I got my order this morning and wow I am so proud to say I'm a convert, if these guys wanted something testing I'd be more than happy, as for smell it smells like the good old days where I was a kid what a way to bring back the memory's of smoking with rasters wow”

Girlscout Cookies CBD Pre-Roll (Relaxing)

The Goods Girlscout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies, otherwise known ad GSC, is one of the true legendary cannabis strains. We have this exceptional strain to thank for a lot of the innovation in genetics. Due to the highly desirable relaxing effects of this strain, it has become a growers favorite from cross breeding. It has a signature pine flavor that seems to clear the mind and reset our moods. 

Fragrance: Floral, earthy, spicy, sweet, pine

Effects: Joyful, euphoric, creative, quite spacey 

Customer Review: “I was very surprised, firstly the smell is amazing it’s sweet but smells like piney, sweet smells, it’s smokes AMAZING, it’s very very smooth and almost immediately chills you out, all my stress and anxiety is vanished, I saved the other half of the joint in the glass doob tube that it comes in, 11/10“

Pineapple Express CBD Pre-Roll (Energizing)

The Goods Pineapple Express

Perhaps the most famous cannabis strain name of all time, Pineapple Express certainly lives up to the hype. It tastes exquisite, with sweet tropical tones and a dankness that is only familiar with cannabis. There are few strains that offer such a rush of euphoria, coupled with a relaxing feeling. Pineapple Express leaves us in a truly desirable state, especially when dealing with work stress and external pressures - it’s nice to have something that can have a positive effect without causing adverse effects. 

Fragrance: Sweet, tropical, cedar, citrus

Effects: Uplifting, euphoric, energetic accompanied by a soothing sensation 

Customer Review: “Coming from someone who's never smoked but been using a dry herb vaporiser, this is so smooth, I had zero discomfort or harshness from it. Smells really sweet. I felt the affects pretty much straight away. Very pleased and I'll be trying other strains soon.”

CBD Pre-Roll Bundle: Try One Of Each And Save 50%

A great way to know which pre-roll is best for you is to try them all. We all have different endocannabinoid systems - this means that the way a pre-roll affects one person may be entirely different to how it affects another. We currently have a budle called the Blazer Box that contains one of each legal CBD pre-roll for you to try. In total there are 6 pre-rolls, with the following profiles:

  • Zkittlez
  • OG Kush
  • Pineapple Express
  • Girlscout Cookies
  • Blue Dream
  • Granddaddy Purple

More Than Just Legal CBD Pre-Rolls

We hope you’re just as excited as we are that we now have legal pre-rolls in the UK. For many of us, we’ve been waiting years to see an end to prohibition and this is a great sign that times are changing. Hopefully in the next few years we'll see even more of our favorite cannabis products made legal in the UK. If the laws change and allow for more cannabis products, we’ll be sure to make them available and share the news with you.

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