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Sour Sucker Punch: New Limited The Goods CBD Strain

Sour Sucker Punch: New Limited The Goods CBD Strain
A brand new top shelf indoor CBD flower by The Goods has just landed! Arguably the most sticky-icky flower we’ve released to date, it reeks with dankness and has breathtaking effects. This summer profile draws together flavors that will make you drool, like lime, lemon, jasmine and gas. It was grown using the best technology in the game, The Goods proprietary vertical indoor growing racks, and hand trimmed in house just before being sent out to ensure ultimate freshness. 
We’ve been eagerly waiting to share details about this strain with you while we’ve been watching the plants grow these past few months. Let’s take a deep dive into what this strain feels like, how it smells and tastes, how it acquired its dope name!

Sour Sucker Punch CBD Flower Effects

Sour Sucker Punch CBD Flower Effects
We’ve found this CBD flower strain to be the perfect strain for any time of the day. It has the unique effect of relaxing us when we’re stressed, and picking us up when we’re tired. It has fast acting effects when smoked or vaped due to its sheer immense resin concentration. For something that hits so hard, it is gentle on the throat, offering a clean and subtle smoke/vapor. 
For those that are interested in the terpenes found in this strain, the 3 dominant terpenes that you’ll find are Myrcene, Limonene and Linalool

Sour Sucker Punch Smell And Taste

Sour Sucker Punch Smell And Taste
This CBD flower has a full on summer profile, mixing together zesty fruits like lime and lemon with uplifting summer flowers like jasmine. We’ve found ourselves glued to our Sour Sucker Punch pouches, just huffing its intense fragrance and almost feeling slightly intoxicated from the intense terpene content. 
There’s a direct correlation between terpene concentration and resin production, and this strain demonstrates that. Another reason for the strong flavors found in this strain is that the plant was dried, cured and trimmed in a very unique way. Each plant was hung in the drying room with all its leaves and foliage. The cure was done with utmost care, observing the color of the trichomes on a regular basis and checking the humidity until conditions were desirable. Only until the packs are filled are the flowers actually trimmed. This means that the trichomes, terpenes and other essential cannabis compounds are preserved to their maximum potential. They are not disturbed at all throughout the drying process, ensuring each flower has as much resin as possible, and that the moisture leaves the plant consistently. This really is the gold standard of cannabis curing. 

How Did Sour Sucker Punch Get Its Name?

Sucker Punch CBD Strain
As this CBD flower comes from a The Goods original genetic, it had yet to be christened with a name. A mod on The Goods Discord Server proposed that the community should suggest names fitting for this legendary strain, and the best one should be hand picked by Marti, founder of The Goods. After a week of suggestions, and many mouthwatering and hilarious submissions, Sour Sucker Punch, a name suggested by Discord user @Pltnm Dmnds#1186, was selected as the official name for the strain. It perfectly describes the sourness of the flower, as well as the sucker punch feeling you may feel after taking a few draws of its smoke/vapor. 


The Goods Sucker Punch CBD Strain
This is the second time The Goods have dropped a limited edition CBD flower with us, and there’s no doubt it’s another potential cup winner. It closely resembles the quality set by their Mango Velvet, which similarly is heaped with resin and fills up any room with its dank aroma. 
These flowers are unique in that they resemble the look and smell of THC strains that have had many more decades of interbreeding to reach their level of potency. The CBD strain scene is young in comparison, and playing catch up due to a recent spike in popularity for CBD dominant flowers. Similar to how Californian THC strains changed the cannabis market and flavor offerings, we see these limited The Goods strains as setting a new bar for what can be achieved with CBD flowers. Rest assured, we’ll be snapping up the next limited drop from these guys to make available to you.

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