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Scientists Discovered How To Get Higher From Weed

How To Get Higher From Weed

It seems that scientists aren't just interested in learning about the potential health benefits of cannabis; they also seek to discover how we can get more high.  
Our understanding of weed has improved a lot over the past few years. However, it was only in 1963 that Professor Raphael Mechoulam made the first discovery of Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. THC is the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis that is mainly responsible for the high feeling. 
Until his discovery, consumers assumed that any cannabis would get them high. People certainly didn't understand what caused some cannabis to be more psychoactive than others.  
Since Professor Mechoulam first isolated THC, many countries have legalised and authorised more studies into cannabis. Due to research-backed studies, we now know how to get even higher from weed. 

How To Increase High From Weed?

Getting high

Professor Mechoulam discovered that within cannabis, there is a compound called THC that is responsible for its psychoactive effects. Therefore it makes sense that smoking strains with high levels of THC would get you higher. For example, weed strains with THC levels above 15% will get you much higher than strains testing below 10%.
But how can we increase the high from weed when we don't know the THC % of our herb? Scientists have discovered that you can increase the high felt by supplementing certain cannabis compounds with your weed. Interestingly, you can purchase these supplements legally in most countries, even ones where THC is illegal. 

How To Get More High From Terpenes

How To Get More High From Terpenes

2020 study found that terpenes can increase the potency of cannabinoids such as THC. Many coin the synergistic relationship between terpenes and cannabinoids as the Entourage Effect
On their own, terpenes won't make you feel high in the traditional sense; however, they affect the brain. 
Through our experience cultivating CBD dominant cannabis strains, we usually find that plants that are potent in resin also contain higher than average levels of terpenes. This relationship gives us reason to suspect that there is a relationship between strong cannabis and high levels of terpenes.
Experts regard Myrcene as increasing the high feeling of all the terpenes found in weed strains. It has a soothing effect that cannabis culture calls the 'couch-lock effect'. It also has various health benefits, including analgesic, sedative, antidiabetic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anticancer effects.
The following products contain High levels of the terpene Myrcene : 

How To Get Higher Using CBD

How To Get Higher Using CBD

In a 2019 study looking at the intoxicating effects caused by THC and CBD, we learn that CBD can be used to increase the potency of THC. 
In a blind study, researchers tested five doses of THC and CBD on participants to determine what caused the most intoxication. 
They found that a dose of 8mg THC & 4mg CBD induced more intoxication than just 8mg THC alone. This finding proves that a regular serving of THC, accompanied by a bit of CBD, will make people higher. 
The paper dispels many notions we read about online forums, where people claim that CBD will 'reverse' the effects of THC. The research paper even discovered that extremely high doses of CBD (400mg) induce some of the intoxicating effects of THC. 
Here are five ways you can mix CBD with your THC to get more high:
  • Mix 50% THC flower and 50% CBD flower.
  • Add CBD Hash to your joints.
  • Sprinkle CBD Wax on your joints (a little goes a long way!) 
  • Add some Water Soluble CBD to your drink to consume as you smoke a joint.
  • Start your day with CBD oil so that it kicks in while you're getting high. 


The key to cannabis isn't getting as high as possible. Ultimately, we all have different ways that we like to enjoy weed. Some people prefer to consume no THC and focus on CBD, while others are more interested in getting as high as possible. 
Take your time testing different doses of CBD, THC, and the unique effects of terpenes. We've all got unique Endocannabinoid Systems, so don't be surprised if a particular amount affects you differently from someone else. 

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