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Premium CBD Hemp Flowers 101: Fruit Cake

CBD Hemp Flowers - Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake is one of our newest premium CBD hemp flowers. The strain was discovered by our growers, The Goods, after they discovered a phenotype of Cannatonic with a very potent fruity aroma and big juicy flowers. This is one of the few outdoor grown CBD hemp flower genetics that we are happy to put our name on. Fruit Cake stands apart from other outdoor hemp strains we’ve seen due to it’s almost indoor-grown appearance. The flowers are coated in strong, large CBD trichomes, and smell like an intense medley of fruits. 

In order to prevent pests, Fruit Cake is grown in a controlled outdoor environment to prevent the intrusion of pests. By monitoring the plants constantly over their growth cycle, the growers at The Goods ensure that the grow conditions are at their optimum to prevent the emergence of other issues such as mould. 

In its fresh form, while still in the soil, Fruit Cake plants are enormous. This strain can yield up to 500g of dried flower per plant, with huge, terpene dripping buds hanging off each branch. Terpenes ooze from the flowers when touched, and its trichomes shimmer in the sun. 

Cleaning Fruit Cake is very easy due to its minimal sugar leaf coverage. This trait helps cultivators of Fruit Cake to spot and remove any pests that might be making their way into the flower. An easy to clean flower is typically an easy to trim flower, such is the case with Fruit Cake. For this reason, Fruit Cake CBD flowers are usually immaculate and contain nothing more than high quality flower material. 

Smell & Flavour Of Fruit Cake CBD Hemp Flower

flavour of fruit cake hemp flower

Fruit Cake is an incredibly terpene rich CBD hemp flower. It reeks of tropical fruits, ranging from citrus, pineapple to mango. Due to the strong mango odour, it’s safe to say that this strain contains a high concentration of the terpene Myrcene

Typically when we discuss the flavours that come from a particular strain, we observe much stronger flavours through vaping than combusting. With Fruit Cake, this is still the case, however even when combusting, this flower will yield a full terpene experience. 

Fruit Cake offers an immensely complex flavours, drawing sour gasoline, candy sugar, and dessert milk on top of the dominantly fruity profile. The smell and flavour fortunately match identically, unlike other strains we’ve seen in the past that smell pleasant but don't taste anything like their smell. 

Appearance Of Fruit Cake CBD Hemp Flowers

cbd fruit cake flower effects

On average, Fruit Cake CBD hemp flowers will grow to be medium to large in size. Most of the top flowers (the ones that see the most light at the top of the plant) are extremely large, some even collect oil pools where the terpenes, cannabinoids and lipids have broken out of the flowers. The colour is a gorgeous green, coupled with the orange hairs that make their way into the cracks of this bud.  

Fruit Cake is a very strong bud, with impressive denseness and a very satisfying snap sound when its flower is ground. One of the first tests we conduct to determine the quality of new CBD strains is the squeeze test. By squeezing the flower, we can determine if it is dense or fluffy. A dense flower typically is the result of a good cure, high cannabinoids and terpene percentages, and  good quality cannabis genetics. A low quality industrial hemp strain would have very airy flowers that would squeeze easily under someone's fingers. Fruit Cake passes the squeeze test with full marks, as we were unable to manipulate the bud at all with the strength of our fingers - the flowers seem to be almost as hard as rocks. 

Effects Of Fruit Cake CBD Hemp Flower

fruit cake cbd flower

Due to its fruity profile and the presence of strong lemon terpenes, it comes as no surprise that Fruit Cake has energising and uplifting effects. Our preferred time of the day for consuming this fruity delight is morning to late afternoon. It seems to have the effect to increase our focus, and if used correctly, we’ve found it to almost induce obsessive desires to complete the tasks. 

Sometimes even CBD hemp flowers can have effects that are not so ideal, such as anxiety, paranoia and dissociation. We didn’t feel any such effects from Fruit Cake, everything about this flower impresses us and it comes as no surprise given the level of care and expertise the team at The Goods employed into growing our Fruit Cake. 

End thoughts

You’d find it hard to spot another CBD hemp flower that meets the quality of Fruit Cake at the same price. Fruit Cake might have been cultivated outdoors, but its flowers appear to be the same quality as indoor plants, especially when you consider the intensity of its terpenes and cannabinoids. Fruit Cake rivals the most premium CBD hemp flowers available on the market right now, even though some people might suggest that one could never grow an outdoor cannabis variety to the quality levels of indoor cannabis. 

The flavour is truly unique. We’ve tried different phenotypes of Cannatonic, however it is clear that Fruit Cake is an exception. We will certainly be keen to preserve the Fruit Cake phenotype for future generations to keep it in existence and also see what potential flavours are possible for the future. You can grab some Fruit Cake today off our online store if you fancy trying it out!

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