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New European Facility, Even Better Quality!

New European Facility, Even Better Quality!

At HempElf, quality has always been an important word. Our driving ambition has been to bring the utmost quality to all aspects of our business, whether it is products, customer service or user experience. Over the last 18 months, we have seen a gradual reduction in standards of flowers on sale in the UK, so to tackle this, we set out on a mission to bring change.

We began by expanding the HempElf crew into the EU by leasing a 10,000sq ft facility located in Central Europe, which places us among some of the leading cultivators and suppliers of quality cannabis products. We can make regular, personal inspections of all of our suppliers' production sites from our new facility to ensure full traceability and quality control of our products at the source.

 Over the years, we have learnt that the only way to ensure quality is to test everything in-house. Lab reports presented by suppliers can easily be manipulated to look more compliant or more valuable. So, we test each batch of product before we accept it into our new facility. Furthermore, we have segregated half of the 10,000sq ft into our own indoor grow facility. Here we have installed new vertical grow technologies that enable us to develop in-house genetics and provide our customers with unique strains not available anywhere else.

 Probably the most exciting new aspect of all of this is that being so close to our growers means we can continually vet our suppliers to ensure that we have access to the best (and freshest) hemp flower available in Europe. Furthermore, we've managed to cut out the middlemen to save costs, allowing us to offer even lower prices to you, our valuable customers.

 HempElf customers can now expect to not only get the best and freshest flowers available in Europe but at lower prices than ever before. Could it get any better?

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