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New CBD Wax Flavor: Pink Grapefruit

The Goods Pink Grapefruit CBD Wax
The Goods has just announced that the latest CBD wax on the roster is a mouthwatering Pink Grapefruit. It features their cup winning 80% broad spectrum CBD wax infused with organic plant derived Pink Grapefruit terpenes. Beyond the therapeutic uses of CBD, we have a passion for the taste of cannabis and inhalation products, and quickly ordered a sample of this new wax to give it a go. Having just finished a large bowl of Pink Grapefruit wax, I thought it would only be right to share our thoughts and what you should expect from a hit off this potent extract. 

What Is CBD Wax?

Let’s begin by getting the basics out of the way. CBD wax is a form of concentrated CBD dominant cannabis, often extracted using supercritical CO2. It is often regarded as the cleanest, safest way to extract cannabinoids, and can achieve unbeatable purity. CBD wax is usually solid and waxy in consistency, and like a wax, it can melt when heated up. 
When unflavoured, CBD wax has the subtle flavor of cannabis. This is because the terpenes usually evaporate during the extraction process. In order to reintroduce terpenes to CBD wax, they must be reinfused post-extraction. Not only does this add pleasant flavors that are favored by cannabis connoisseurs, but it enhances the potency of CBD wax via a phenomenon called The Entourage Effect

How Do You Use CBD Wax?

CBD wax can be dabbed, smoked, cooked with, or even turned into a skin cream. It is so pure in cannabinoids that when you vaporize it, very little residue is left behind. If you are interested to learn how you can dab it - the most popular consumption method - check out our article on how to use CBD Wax. What was once a complicated process is now simplified and affordable due to the creation of wax pens. We advise checking out our guide on the best wax pens available in the Uk if you’re considering this path. 

Review Of Pink Grapefruit CBD Wax

As we peeled open the jar of Grapefruit CBD wax for the first time, the immediate sweet and zesty fragrance of summer grapefruit filled the air. The first thing we all thought was how similar the scents are to the legendary strain, Forbidden Fruit. The Extract appeared to be sparkling in terpenes, waiting to sizzle on a hot coil and fill our lungs with rich CBD goodness. 
After breaking a small 50mg portion of the wax - which looked like a short grain of rice - we began to load a new in house favorite wax pen, the Coil King AIO. After some deliberation, we decided that we wanted to test the flavor profile to its full potential by operating the wax pen at its lowest temperature setting. 
The First hit delivered an immense terpene experience, with a gentle gust of vapor. The flavors that came through were sweet citrus fruit, jasmine flowers and diesel. Almost immediately, a warm covering of tranquility took over from the top of my head to the rest of my body. A light headband feeling coupled with a floaty body relaxation. 
The second hit drew in all the same flavors with a much thicker, milky cloud, and earthy dank tones. As the temperature rose, I noticed that the clouds were getting very thick and the rate at which CBD was entering my bloodstream had really picked up. 
The entire session lasted about 10 minutes, during which I put the wax pen down several times to fully appreciate the euphoria I was feeling without having to worry about rushing through my vape oven. Interestingly, I felt both completely relaxed, and ready to get on with work and be productive. This effect isn’t completely foreign - Blood Orange has a similar effect, perhaps due to the citrus terpenes they both share. 


It’s great to see another Limonene leaning CBD wax available for those that appreciate relaxing strains that also foster creativity. There’s a plethora of ways to use this wax, however, seeing as it could offer such a pleasant experience with basic tools such as a wax pen, we’re very impressed. The main 3 terpenes found in Pine Grapefruit CBD wax are Limonene, Myrcene and B-Caryophyllene. These have all been studied for their effects on anxiety and other mental health disorders and peak our interest as minor ingredients to look out for. We look forward to seeing how this extract will mix with both THC extracts and other CBD extracts out there.  

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