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Legal Cannabis In The UK: CBD Flower

CBD Flower UK
Cannabis use has increased steadily over the years in the UK. Statistics show that 23.6% of 16 to 59 years olds reported cannabis use in 2001, which rose to 29.6% in 2020. It is no surprise that Uk consumers are looking for legal cannabis to avoid some of the questionable practices in the black market. 
Remarkably, cannabis is now available in the form of medical prescriptions from private doctors on the General Medical Council’s specialist register - however, getting one of these prescriptions is currently very costly. Despite the production of medical cannabis increasing by 700%, just three people have been prescribed cannabis on the NHS. 
Fortunately, there are ways that UK consumers can obtain cannabis legally without the hurdles and inconsistencies of the medical cannabis system. Cannabidiol dominant cannabis, also known as CBD flower, is legal to cultivate and grow across Europe. CBD flower is derived from the legal genetics of cannabis, which naturally yields lower levels of THC than street weed and much higher levels of exotic cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and CBC. It can be bought online from growers like ourselves and safely delivered to most addresses in Europe, including the UK. 

What Exactly Is CBD Flower?

CBD Flower

CBD flowers are the flowering heads of CBD dominant cannabis genetics. They look and smell exactly like THC-dominant cannabis but differ on a molecular level. 
The cannabis most of us are familiar with contains dominantly one cannabidiol - Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. THC causes a head high and often leaves users feeling stoned and unable to perform usual tasks like driving a car and operating heavy machinery. 
CBD, on the other hand, is much less psychoactive and is not known to cause intoxication. CBD can leave users feeling relaxed, floaty and chilled when taken in large doses. 
CBD flowers still contain THC but at much lower levels than street weed. Instead, they are packed with exotic cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and CBC. We think of them as more faithful to the cannabis our ancestors would have consumed because their cannabinoid values closely match ancient cannabis. 
CBD flowers can be smoked or vaped just like regular cannabis. They’re the same as street weed. However, they are grown to higher standards due to industry regulation and contain a deeper range of cannabinoids. 

What Do CBD Flowers Feel Like?

Smoking CBD Flower

CBD flowers feel similar to their THC counterpart, except for the heavy stoned feeling. After consuming some CBD flowers, you will feel the relaxing effects of CBD and other minor cannabinoids without the debilitating effects of THC. This Reddit post mentions how CBD flower gives the user a body high. We’ve noticed the “body buzz” effect to be very common among CBD flower users, which seems to help users with pain, sleep and anxiety. 
The “body buzz” can be explained by the effect CBD has on our body's endocannabinoid system. Our endocannabinoid system comprises a network of endocannabinoid receptors that bind with cannabinoids that we ingest. Its function is to regulate our homeostasis - which refers to the stability of our internal environment. CBD binds with the CB2 receptors - found beneath the neck and all over the body. THC, on the other hand, binds with the CB1 receptors, which are found primarily in the brain.
We find that CBD flowers are a great way to unwind, enjoy some risk-free fun with cannabis, and offer various benefits that scientists frequently discover. 

Where Can You Buy CBD Flowers In The UK?

Buy CBD Flowers In The UK

CBD flowers are widely available in the UK in brick-and-mortar shops and online. The market is flooded with CBD flowers, and it can be challenging to identify who sells the best, freshest and most reliable flowers. We recommend buying from the source and avoiding those selling CBD flower that has swapped many hands before reaching you. All the CBD flowers you’ll find on Hemp Elf are grown by us, fresh and consistent. We can guarantee that the quality will always be top shelf, unlike other vendors that never know what their stock will look like until it arrives at their facility from international resellers. 

What Is The Maximum Strength Of CBD Flowers In The UK?

Maximum Strength Of CBD Flowers In The UK

CBD flowers in Europe cannot exceed 17% CBD due to the THC limits imposed by regulators. There is a direct relationship between total CBD attainable and THC found in the plant. This ratio is 28.2:1 CBD:THC. 
Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that many online CBD flower sellers post fake lab reports and quote CBD percentages that are impossible. We’ve even seen some vendors marketing CBD flowers at 20+% CBD. These are products we’d avoid because the CBD percentages are unattainable, and it calls to question what else they are lying about. 
If you’d like to read more about how to spot fake lab reports and why CBD strains in Europe cannot exceed 17% CBD, we’ve written an article that explains this further. 

What Are The Top 5 CBD Flowers In The UK Right Now?

It seems as though a new strain is born every hour in the cannabis world. We’re constantly growing new strains to keep up with consumer demand and working with growers who are doing things differently from others. We’ve recently started carrying The Goods range of CBD flowers in our shop because they are the first legal cannabis brand to offer boutique small batch CBD flowers. It is no surprise that in 2022 several of The Goods CBD flowers will appear on our list of top 5 CBD flowers. 

1. Sweet Peach CBD Flower

Sweet Peach CBD Flower

Arguably the most popular CBD strain in the UK, it was recently reviewed by DrewIsSharing, UK’s biggest cannabis influencer. He gave the strain a huge thumbs up, saying he couldn’t tell the difference between it and high-grade cali imports. 
Sweet Peach is a sugary, fruity strain that produces a clean, gentle smoke. It’s packed with flavour and trichomes and smokes incredibly smooth. The flowers are perfectly dense, sticky and compact. After grinding up a tiny bit of this flower, you’ll be surprised by how much material you’ll have to roll with. 
Trim: Compact, frosty, yellow trichomes.
Effect: Energizing.
Flavour: Fruity, peach, sweet. 

2. Zkittlez CBD Flower

Zkittlez CBD Flower

Another immensely fruity CBD Flower, anyone that has tried the THC version of Zkittlez will understand how flavorful this flower experience is. It is one of the stickiest CBD flowers we’ve had the pleasure to carry. 
Zkittlez draws together the flavours of ripe grapes, fruit gummy candies, and sweet cream's freshness. Upon grinding up its flower, we are met with the smell of sweet honey, dates and a subtle pepperiness. 
We’ve been working on this specific genetic of Zkittlez for many years, perfecting it by selecting our favourite phenotypes every cycle. We’ve managed to improve its flower structure, enhancing the tightness and resin content while increasing the potency of its flavour. 
Trim: Dense, frosty, medium-sized buds.
Effect: Energetic, clear-headed, focused. 
Flavour: Grape, sweet, fruity. 

3. Sour Sucker Punch CBD Flower

Sour Sucker Punch CBD Flower

This brand new limited release from The Goods has us drooling over its intense and unusual smells and flavour. The perfect strain for the summer is a combination of euphoric jasmine and sour summer citrus fruits. It is a perfectly grown indoor genetic that gets fresh trimmed in the facility just before being bagged for orders. This is said to improve the flavour experience and keep the trichomes intact. 
The flowers are covered in the most beautiful range of yellow to orange hairs and caked in shimmery trichomes. Squeezing these dense, thick nugs unlocks even more flavour, leaving fingers sticky and stinky. 
Trim: Hand-trimmed just before being bagged on the day of order. Dense, sticky and covered in trichomes.
Effect: Relaxation & uplifted energy, all-day use. 
Flavour: Sour lemon, lime, jasmine, gas & Sugar. 

4. Diesel CBD Flower

Diesel CBD Flower

A classic cannabis strain that many seasoned consumers will be used to. Diesel has dominantly one flavour - gasoline. The smell and taste of this strain are intense, especially after being ground up. Gassy with notes of skunk and citrus, it is a flower that engages all senses and can be tasted strongly through its smoke. If you’re looking for a strong flavour and not so keen on the sweet-tasting strains, this could be just for you. 
Trim: Dense, frosty, large pistons. 
Effect: Energetic, relaxed, social. 
Flavour: Diesel, earthy, pine. 

5. Lemon Skunk CBD Flower

Lemon Skunk CBD Flower

This is one of our most researched CBD flower genetics to date. We’ve been growing Lemon Skunk for nearly five years, constantly selecting the best phenotypes and carrying them forwards in our subsequent grow cycles. Prepare for a robust flavour experience that we’ve been working on for years. 
Its heavy and intense aroma will surprise even the most demanding nose. A sensational mix of ripe lemon and cedar perfectly combined with a funky skunky flavour. The flowers have a beautiful structure that seems unique to the more lemon-tasting strains with tight, furry flowers. 
Trim: Dense, frosty, medium-sized. 
Effect: Uplifted, energetic, focused. 
Flavour: Citrus, skunk, earthy. 


Until access to medical cannabis improves, we believe the best option for those looking for legal cannabis in the UK and Europe can be found in CBD flowers. Unfortunately, the same issues that consumers face when buying cannabis in the black market exist in the CBD flower and legal cannabis scene. It’s always best to buy directly from the source, straight from the grower. You’ll consistently receive the freshest product at the lowest prices and avoid being at the peril of a vendor's uncertain supply and fake lab reports (anyone that claims to have CBD flower more potent than 17% CBD is faking their labs).

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