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Hyde Park 420

Hyde Park 420
One of the most notable cannabis events in the UK is the annual Hyde Park 420 gathering. Held on April 20th, the event attracts thousands of cannabis enthusiasts to celebrate the plant and its culture. This article will discuss various aspects of the Hyde Park 420 event and answer some frequently asked questions about cannabis and policing.

Can police search you if they smell weed?

police search at 420 hyde park

Understanding the legality

In the UK, cannabis is classified as a Class B drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Possession, distribution, and cultivation are illegal, with penalties varying depending on the severity of the offence. However, when it comes to police searches, the law allows officers to search an individual if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that they are in possession of a controlled substance.

Factors that influence a search

One of the factors that could give police reasonable grounds for a search is the smell of cannabis. If an officer smells weed emanating from a person or their belongings, it may be deemed sufficient cause for an investigation. However, it's essential to note that searches must be conducted within the bounds of the law and respect the individual's rights. Factors that influence the decision to search include:
  • The officer's training and experience
  • The location and context of the encounter
  • The behaviour of the individual in question

Police code 420 and its connection to weed

Cannabis culture 420

Origins of the code, 420

Contrary to popular belief, the term '420' has no direct connection to any specific police code. The origin of 420 dates back to the early 1970s in San Rafael, California when a group of high school students known as the "Waldos" would meet at 4:20 PM to search for an abandoned cannabis crop. The term '420' became their code for cannabis-related activities, and it gradually spread beyond their circle.

Popularization in cannabis culture

Over time, 420 gained traction in the cannabis community, evolving into a universal symbol for marijuana and its culture. April 20th (4/20) has become an unofficial holiday for cannabis enthusiasts to come together and celebrate their shared passion for the plant. Events like the Hyde Park 420 gathering are prime examples of how the term has been adopted and celebrated globally.

Why were police running through Hyde Park?

police running through Hyde Park

Policing at the 420 Hyde Park event 2022

During the Hyde Park 420 event in 2022, the police presence was noticeable as officers patrolled the park to ensure public safety and maintain order. Instances of police running through the park may have been due to responding to specific incidents or attempting to prevent any potentially illegal activities related to cannabis consumption or distribution.

Ensuring safety and order

The primary goal of the police at any public event, including Hyde Park 420, is to guarantee the safety of attendees and the general public. By maintaining a presence at the event, the police aim to deter unlawful behaviour, ensure crowd control, and respond to any emergencies or situations that may arise. While the Hyde Park 420 gathering is generally peaceful, the police presence is essential for addressing potential safety concerns and maintaining order during the festivities.

Police dogs and their capabilities

Police dogs at 420 hyde park

Can all police dogs smell weed?

Not all police dogs are trained to detect drugs, as their training and capabilities vary depending on their specific roles within law enforcement. However, many police dogs are trained as narcotics detection dogs, specifically trained to detect the scent of various drugs, including cannabis.

Can police dogs smell weed in a car?

Yes, trained narcotics detection dogs have an incredible sense of smell that allows them to detect the odour of drugs, including cannabis, even when concealed within a vehicle. In addition, their olfactory abilities can lead them to locate hidden drugs, often resulting in successful searches and seizures.

Can sniffer dogs smell weed vape?

Although cannabis in vape form produces a less pungent smell than traditional smoking methods, it is still possible for trained drug-sniffing dogs to detect the odour. However, the likelihood of detection may be reduced due to the reduced scent profile and other factors, such as air circulation and masking odours.

Can sniffer dogs smell weed in coffee?

While coffee is known for its strong aroma, it is not guaranteed to mask the smell of cannabis by a trained narcotics detection dog. These dogs are trained to recognize and alert their handlers to specific drug odours, even when mixed with other scents.

Can drug dogs detect vapes?

Drug dogs can potentially detect cannabis or other drugs in vapes, depending on the specific substances used and the training the dog has received. As with other forms of cannabis consumption, the likelihood of detection may be influenced by factors such as the concentration of the substance and the presence of masking odours.

Can drug dogs tell if you smoked?

While drug dogs are trained to detect the presence of drugs, they are not explicitly taught to determine whether an individual has recently consumed cannabis or other substances. However, residual odours on clothing, skin, or belongings may still be detectable by a trained dog, potentially leading to a search.

Vaping around pets

Vaping around pets

Can I smoke vape around my dog?

It is not advisable to vape around your pets, as the chemicals in e-cigarettes can harm animals. Exposure to nicotine and other chemicals found in e-cigarettes can cause respiratory issues, nicotine poisoning, and other health problems in pets. To ensure your pet's safety, you should vape in a well-ventilated area away from your animals.

Can police sniffer dogs smell vapes?

As mentioned earlier, police sniffer dogs can detect the presence of drugs in vapes, depending on their training and the specific substances used. However, factors such as the concentration of the substance and the presence of masking odours may influence the likelihood of detection.

Exploring Hyde Park

Exploring Hyde Park

What is underneath Hyde Park?

Beneath Hyde Park lies a complex network of tunnels, pipes, and utility infrastructure. One of the most intriguing features is the subterranean River Westbourne, which runs through a pipe system beneath the park. Additionally, there are service tunnels for utilities such as gas, electricity, and water.

Is Hyde Park safe to walk through?

Hyde Park is generally considered safe for walking during daylight hours. However, as with any public space, you must be aware of your surroundings and take appropriate precautions. At night, it is advisable to stick to well-lit paths and avoid walking alone, especially in secluded areas.

Do they lock Hyde Park at night?

Yes, Hyde Park is locked at night, usually around midnight, to maintain security and prevent unauthorized access. However, opening hours may vary depending on the season and other factors, so checking the official website or signage for up-to-date information on park hours is essential.

Celebrating 420

Celebrating 420

What do people do on 420?

On April 20th, cannabis enthusiasts worldwide come together to celebrate the plant and its culture. Activities vary, but common celebrating ways include:
  • Attending gatherings like Hyde Park 420.
  • Sharing cannabis-related stories or information.
  • Advocating for cannabis reform.
  • Enjoying cannabis responsibly with friends.

420 London 2023

The 420 London event in 2023 is expected to be a significant gathering as cannabis enthusiasts come together in Hyde Park to celebrate the day. Attendees can anticipate live music, guest speakers, food vendors, and a general atmosphere of camaraderie among like-minded individuals.

What to do 420 in the UK and London

In addition to the Hyde Park 420 event, there are various other ways to celebrate 420 in the UK and London. Some options include:
  1. Attend local cannabis events or gatherings.
  2. Visit cannabis-themed cafes or lounges where laws permit.
  3. Connect with fellow cannabis enthusiasts through online forums or social media.
  4. Educate yourself about cannabis-related issues, such as legalization and medical use.
  5. Support organizations advocating for cannabis reform and education.

The significance of 420 in cannabis culture

The term 420 has become a symbol of unity and celebration within the cannabis community. It represents a shared understanding and passion for the plant and its potential benefits. By coming together on April 20th, cannabis enthusiasts worldwide show their support for legalization, responsible use, and ongoing research into the plant's many applications.


In this article, we have explored the Hyde Park 420 event, addressed questions about policing and cannabis detection, discussed the capabilities of police dogs, and provided information about Hyde Park itself. We have also covered the importance of celebrating 420 and its significance within the cannabis community.
At Hemp Elf, we believe in promoting responsible and informed cannabis use. By educating the community about cannabis, we hope to foster a better understanding of the plant and its potential benefits. As you participate in 420 celebrations, we encourage you to stay informed, prioritize safety, and enjoy the camaraderie that the cannabis community has to offer.

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