How To Use Our CBD Hash –

How To Use Our CBD Hash

How To Use Our CBD Hash

The benefit of buying CBD hash over CBD flower is the increased concentration. 1g of CBD flower would make anywhere from 3-10 cups of tea, depending on preference. 1g of CBD hash would make many more servings of tea. 

This way of making tea has been documented for almost 1000 years and comes from China. Prior to the Ming dynasty, tea that was exported out of China to European countries were prepared in a more concentrated form to how we are used to with loose leaf tea. "Brick Tea" became one of the most popular tea exports from China. The purpose of this was to lower shipping costs and make room for as much stock as possible. This method quickly became mainstream and with the increase in popularity of hemp tea, CBD hash (the term we use to market our hemp tea brick) was born!

Preparing tea with our CBD hash is very similar to using our loose leaf hemp products. We suggest starting with a 0.2g serving size, and steeping that in boiling water. A great starting serving would be to dilute 0.2g of CBD hash in 500ml of boiling water. After 3 mins, remove the steeped material, and add a healthy high fat milk to increase bioavailability. It's as simple as that!

Feel free to mix and match other teas with this recipe. One of our in-house favourites is making a tea with our CBD hash and mixing a bit of lavender tea with it. Lavender has an amazing array of terpenes, and we believe it enhances the beverage.  

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