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How To Use Our Brand New CBD Shake

How To Use Our Brand New CBD Shake
Did you know that CBD shake is one of our most popular products? It’s a mix of all the trim material that falls off our premium indoor flowers while being hand-trimmed. As you may know, it’s not uncommon to find small nugs in our usual shake, mixed in with sugar leaves, pollen, and the occasional stalk. We’ve now introduced a new quality of CBD shake, filtering out all the small CBD flower particles except for small nugs. Each pouch of Hydro Shake will contain a bunch of small CBD nugs, specifically from our hydroponic-grown flowers. 
You may ask yourself why people buy CBD shake over real flowers? There are economical and practical reasons why someone might opt for CBD shake; in this article, we’ll share how you could use CBD shake in your routine. 

Smoke/Vape CBD Shake

Vape CBD Shake
Undoubtedly, most people who buy CBD shake are either smoking or vaping them. As CBD shake is the same material you’ll find in a regular intact CBD flower, it combusts, vaporises, tastes and feels the same. 
Inhaling CBD is the fastest way to absorb and feel it and is an excellent solution for anyone that seeks the immediate effects of CBD. Loading up a Dynavap, or rolling up a joint with some Raw Blacks, takes only a couple of minutes, and the speed at which cannabinoids will be absorbed into your bloodstream is unmatched by other consumption methods. 
Of course, the healthiest way to inhale CBD shake would be via a vaporiser, as smoking can increase the risk of bronchitis, something we recently wrote about in our article on maintaining a healthy long-term relationship with cannabis. 

Cooking With CBD Shake

Cooking With CBD Shake

CBD shake is an excellent ingredient for making CBD-infused edibles. It holds all the essential cannabis compounds that make edibles their best - cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fats. 
Whole intact CBD flowers often cost more than CBD shake because they are aesthetically perfect. Hand-trimmed large nugs cost growers a lot more than the trim material. When making edibles, you’ll be reducing all plant material to a ground-up consistency. Therefore, there is no point in paying the premium for full CBD flowers when making CBD edibles. 
When cooking with a CBD shake, ensure not to exceed a maximum heat of 340 ℉, as this can lose essential cannabinoids and terpenes. Check out our CBD cooking guide if you want to learn more about cooking with CBD flowers

Alcohol Extract CBD Shake

Alcohol Extract CBD Shake

There are several ways you can extract cannabinoids like CBD from shake material. The easiest way to do this at home is by using alcohol extraction, which can be done with household items and minimal science experience. To perform alcohol extraction on CBD shake, you’ll need:
  • CBD shake material
  • Food-grade alcohol
  • Oven-safe glass bowls
  • Mesh strainer
  • Unbleached coffee filters
  • Non-open flame heat source (e.g. rice cooker)
We recommend conducting this extraction in an outdoor setting, far from any potential fire risks. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to alcohol extract your CBD shake:
  • Depending on the shake you have, grind it down into a powder. Using the new Hydro shake, you’ll need to grind your small nugs up with a grinder.
  • To draw out moisture from the shake, place the mixture on a baking sheet and heat it in an oven at 180 ℉ for 20 minutes.
  • Deposit the dried shake material into a glass jar and pour alcohol into the jar until the material is fully submerged. Stir slowly for 10 minutes. 
  • Using your strainer, strain out the plant material from the alcohol mixture so that you now have a new jar of green-coloured alcohol infused with cannabis in a clean dish. 
  • To separate the alcohol from the cannabinoids in this new cannabis mixture, we’ll need to apply heat. Pour this mixture into a rice cooker, and set the temperature to its lowest heat setting. 
  • After some time, the mixture will reduce so that there is a thick, gunky cannabis concentrate substance with virtually zero alcohol. To see if there is alcohol still in your mix, you can take a pin, dip it in the mixture, and apply a flame to it. If it sets on fire, you should put the mixture back in the rice cooker and apply more heat. 
  • Once you are confident that there is no more alcohol in the mixture, you can scrap the concentrate and freeze it for future use. 
This concentrate is excellent for infusion into food or even direct sublingual consumption. It won’t contain terpenes, as the alcohol and heat will evaporate, but it will be very pure in cannabinoids. 

Solventless Rosin Extraction Of CBD Shake

Solventless Rosin Extraction Of CBD Shake

Another way to extract the CBD from shake is via the solventless method called Rosin Pressing. This method uses heat and pressure to draw out the essential cannabis compounds from the shake and yields a similar product to the alcohol extraction method without using alcohol and preserving the critical cannabis terpenes. 
A purpose-built rosin press will cost a lot of money. However, rosin can be pressed using a hair straighter. The method is a bit “DIY”, as we have few ways of knowing what temperature a hair straightener reaches, and to apply the pressure required to squeeze cannabis compounds from CBD shake, one must get creative. This video does a great job explaining how you could turn CBD shake into rosin at home with a hair straighter. 

CBD Shake As Tobacco Replacement

CBD Shake As Tobacco Replacement

For many, tobacco is part of the cannabis smoking process. People claim that it helps cut the flavour, and because tobacco is generally cheaper than cannabis, it can help keep cannabis economical. However, we’ve found that CBD shakes can be an excellent replacement for tobacco. 
Shake is cheaper than regular cannabis flower, and due to the different strains you’ll find in your bag of shake, it can cut the flavour of your regular cannabis. It’s also vastly less carcinogenic than tobacco, posing a much lower cancer risk. 


CBD Shake

If you’re a fan of our usual shake, you’ll love our new Hydro Shake. By offering this option that is cheaper than our usual high-quality indoor flowers, but a similar quality - just smaller nugs - we hope that more people now have access to the benefits of CBD. We look forward to hearing about how people use their CBD shake beyond the ways described in this article. Let us know how you get along with your CBD shake on social media!

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