How to use CBD Wax/Crumble/Shatter without dabbing –
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How to use CBD Wax/Crumble/Shatter without dabbing

How to use CBD Wax/Crumble/Shatter without dabbing

Cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter and crumble are growing to become the most popular cannabis and CBD product of 2019. This is largely due to improvements in extraction technology, falling prices of premium extracts and a growing interest in minor cannabinoids and terpenes. 


This is a broad spectrum concentrate - it contains most cannabinoids on the spectrum, however THC is removed. 



 Waxy, sticky


Strain Specific


Caramel, sweet, complimented by terpene profile


CBD Shatter

This is an isolate concentrate - it only contains one cannabinoid on the spectrum, CBD. 

 Texture Crystal, brittle 
Smell Strain Specific
Flavour Very clean terpene profile 


Typically cannabis extracts are dabbed via a dab rig, however there are many other ways to make use of these incredible products. Let's look at 5 ways to use cannabis extracts without a dab rig.

1. Crumble Extract Into A Joint

Crumble your chosen concentrate into fine particles (about 1mm in length) and lay that on top of your dry herb before rolling it into a joint. Joints burn at a hot enough temperature to vaporise cannabis extracts. The flavour is delicious via this method - every time you hit some of the extract the synergy from terpenes and cannabinoids is truly amazing. 

2. Wax Pen

You can now purchase electronic heating devices, as thin as a pen, that can vaporise small quantities of cannabis extract in a matter of seconds. Wax pens are very portable and discreet, however there are some disadvantages. Unfortunately cleaning them can be difficult, and coils need replacing. 

3. Cook Into Edibles

Cannabis extracts are perfectly suited for this, they dissolve easily into fat and sugar. In order to incorporate wax or shatter into your cooking, just mix the concentrate with your cooking oil or butter mix at a temperature of around 180°C or lower. Then proceed to use your "medicated" oil with rest of your ingredients. One advantage of using extract in edibles instead of flower is that it is easier to accurately dose the cannabis. 

4. Crumble Onto A Bong Bowl

Similar to with a joint, break your extract into fine pieces and sprinkle it on top of a bowl filled with your chosen herb. The temperature of a lit bowl is hot enough for extract to vaporise. Unlike a joint, bongs only burn from the inside of the bowl. Therefore it's much easier to handle fine extract particles when using the bong than filling a joint up. 

5. Create A Cannabis Cream

Lastly, by harnessing cannabis extracts ability to dissolve into fats, we can create cannabis infused creams. Simply heat and mix the extract into coconut oil until it is fully dissolved. Optionally, one could add some essential oils to try to harness other powerful compounds. Allow the coconut oil mixture to harden at room temperature (can help to put it in fridge) and apply to skin when required. 



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