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How To Speedball CBD

How To Speedball CBD
Have you ever wondered how you can use CBD in such a way as to mix both its most energising and most relaxing effects at once at the same time? You’re probably deep into your journey with CBD and cannabis if you have. Fortunately, hemp elves are known for being fierce creatures, and we like to think that we’ve mastered the art of the CBD speedball. 
We’ll guide you through our ultimate CBD speedball. This experience will have you toking your way from relaxation to rapid energy, certainly something we only recommend to the most seasoned cannabis smokers. Before proceeding, please be warned that CBD speedballing is not for everyone. If you seek a thrill or something different from your regular session, this might be for you. 

What You’ll Need For The CBD Speedball 

CBD Speedball

To make this ultra-potent CBD creation, you’ll need one of our most energising CBD flowers, along with our most relaxing CBD extract. By bringing CBD flowers and CBD extract together, we’re guaranteed to have one of the most potent CBD joints you could make. 
The flower we’ve selected is Sweet Peach due to its intense terpene profile and energising effects. It is caked with resin and is well known in the scene as a complete daytime profile. 
It should be no surprise that the CBD extract we use to make our CBD speedball joint is Granddaddy Purple CBD wax. This wax tests at 80% CBD and contains the most relaxing terpene known in cannabis - myrcene.
Unlike other joints you’ve experienced, this will need to be rolled very “fat”. To support the thickness of such a joint, you’ll need a wide glass filter to start the foundation of the joint. For this, we use The Goods glass filter tip. The filter helps you roll an extremely fat joint, feels high quality, and has an excellent weight. 
You’ll need a high-quality rolling paper that is strong enough to hold all these ingredients together and remains thin enough to not interfere with the flavour. We use Raw Blacks to roll the joint into perfection. 

How To Make The Most Intense CBD Joint Imaginable

The Goods CBD

First, you’ll want to grind up the Sweet Peach CBD flower using a high-quality grinder. We recommend rolling up a whole gram of herb. However, you can use more or less if you so choose. Always turn the grinder upside down while rotating the disks when grinding your herb. This keeps the herb from falling into the middle compartment of the grinder so that it continues to be ground down into a nice fine consistency. This will help achieve a tighter pack and make your joint burn slower. 
Next, lay your Raw Black rolling paper flat on a clean surface and evenly distribute your herb onto the paper to create a flat bed of herb. We’re about to drop extract onto this herb, so do your best to make it as flat and even as possible. 
Following this, you’ll want to open your jar of Granddaddy Purple CBD wax and use a dab tool to crush it up so that you have an almost powdery consistency. Use your dab tool to carefully spread this wax down the middle of your rolling paper on top of the herb. You’ll want to make it look like a snake that runs down your rolling paper, leaving a gap of 1cm between the glass filter and the bottom of the joint. This gap will ensure you don’t inhale a glob of hot wax on the last few hits. 
The final step in creating this potent joint is the rolling stage. You’ll want to do this slowly and carefully. Like any other joint, you’ll want to roll the paper in on itself, applying slight pressure to “pack” the herb tightly. You don’t need to make it as tight as a typical joint, as the wax will need more air to pass through and mesh into your flower during long pulls. 

What Does The CBD Speedball Feel Like?

CBD Speedball Feel Like

You’ll be chasing feelings of relaxation from the Granddaddy Purple CBD wax and bursts of cerebral energy from the Sweet Peach CBD flower. One sense you won’t be able to pass is that of light dab sweats. We find that these potent joints hit harder than dabs. Yes, you will cough; sometimes, you might nod off and fall asleep. But just as you start to feel comfortable, you’ll get awakened by the effect of Sweet Peach, only to go through that cycle again. 
We didn’t say that everyone would find this fun, but we certainly do. If you’re looking for a more gentle experience, you can always come to expect that from our pre-rolls, and to be honest, that’s what we’ll usually be using. But for special occasions or the right company, we’ll roll up one of these Speedball CBD joints and see where it takes us. 

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