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Hemp CBD Shop London

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Hemp Elf is one of a few hemp shops in the UK, never mind London city. We pride ourselves in stocking only the highest quality CBD hemp products from America. We work with American companies like CBDistillery and Palmetto Harmony to ensure nobody in the UK misses out on high quality products that have been accessible in the states for so long.

We promise 3 things with our products:

  1. All our oils are USA grown: All our products are derived from the highest quality US grown hemp. US hemp has more CBD per plant than the industrial textile grade hemp found in Europe. This means our products are more nutrient rich, and most noticeably more palatable than European CBD products.
  2. Reliability: Our suppliers are industry pioneers and have specifically bred strains that cater to the needs of our customers. They work with clones to ensure that the compound ratios in all our products remain consistent over time.
  3. Transparency: We believe that it is important to ensure that all our products label accurate CBD concentration information. Therefore, every product we stock goes through a 3rd party lab testing procedure. The lab results are available per request.

While it is exciting to finallys see hemp products being sold in the UK, it is unfortunate to see that some people are being taken advantage off by predatory companies selling “bootleg products” that have not passed through the 3rd party lab tests that would ensure consistent quality. Some have been irresponsible enough to stock and sell products that push past the legal THC levels in the UK, resulting in their customers facing legal troubles. We promise to never mislead our customers like that, and upon request, we will always provide you with the relevant lab tests from reputable 3rd party laboratories.

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    Patrice Luxton
  • Hempelf are a fantastic company offering incredible products. They are always happy to help and advise and delivery is fast and discreet. I won’t be going elsewhere, I couldn’t recommend them enough.

  • Have only order the stuff but hopefully it will work

  • purchase was easy. Ordered to replace my use of street weed. Havent tried the product yet but website is very easy to use with helpful reviews. I place a order today so I await my delivery and I will update about my experience of cbd products. I also plan to do a youtube video on cbd and feature hempelf on this once I have spoken to the owner of helpelf and tried the product for myself.

    carl wilding
  • very good service there was a bit of a mess up with how i made the payment but fez got it all sorted within a few hours. very polite. working very hard to give a good service. looking forward to receiving it so i can write a review on the performance of product.


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