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CBD Hash That Tastes Like Watermelon?

CBD Hash That Tastes Like Watermelon?
Cannabis growers have a talent for unlocking flavour profiles that remind us of non-cannabis products. We've all heard of Strawberry KushLemon Skunk and Grape Ape. These fruity profiles didn't occur randomly; experienced cannabis growers selectively bred them and carefully stabilised their genetics for future use. Recently, our growers made a massive discovery in the CBD space - a CBD-dominant watermelon-tasting cannabis strain that produces copious amounts of resin, perfect for CBD hash.  
We first discovered the unique watermelon-tasting phenotype last year while growing hundreds of Cannatonic plants from seed. Our growers constantly experiment with seeds because each seed has a unique genetic makeup. In this instance, the discovery was a watermelon-flavoured phenotype of Cannatonic that none of us had experienced before, especially in the CBD space. Our growers immediately took some clones of the new strain, created a mother to preserve its genetics and began experimenting. 
As with all new cannabis discoveries, a name had to be created for the strain. Our team call this phenotype Watermelon Kush or Watermelon Sugar (inspired by a popular song). After several flowering cycles, we decided that this genetic was best suited for producing CBD hash due to its excessive resin. In addition, Watermelon Sugar is a very leafy plant, which is not ideal for flower customers, with each leaf glazed in velvety trichomes. Our growers will hopefully stabilise this new strain so that we can start running tests with its seeds and work towards a version that is also perfect for those that want to smoke its flower. 
Watermelon Sugar hash just dropped on our site and is now available for next-day delivery! We'll try to answer any questions you might have about the new CBD hash in this article; however, nothing beats experiencing it in real life. 

What Does Watermelon Sugar Hash Look Like?

Watermelon sugar CBD hash

Our brand-new CBD hash is prepared using the old-school solventless dry-sift method. This completely natural extraction process involves passing high-quality flower material through 80-micron sieves that ensure that only the most vital cannabis component, the trichomes, is collected for our CBD hash. The process is tedious and involves maintaining very cool temperatures to help facilitate the transfer of trichomes from plant to sieve. 
This process results in a grainy CBD hash that crumbles between the fingers and sticks together easily. We're fond of this CBD hash style because cannabis consumers of all experience levels can work with it. Watermelon Sugar hash can crumble easily into a joint, be morphed into a snake shape for more interesting joint creations, and be sprinkled on top of a bowl or cooked. Depending on the batch, it ranges in colour from light to rich brown. We've found that the strain produces different colours depending on the season it is grown, and we believe this is what influences the diverse colours. 

What Does Watermelon Sugar Taste Like?

Watermelon Sugar CBD hash

A fine sprinkle of this pollen hash will infuse your joint with mouthwatering, nostalgic flavours of watermelon candy. Watermelon Sugar originates from one of the sweetest strains we've had the pleasure of working with, Cannatonic. This strain has been one of our favourites to select phenotypes from because it smells and tastes as sweet as top-shelf fruity Cali-cannabis. Rich in cannabis terpenes, the compound that gives cannabis its unique aromas, there's no surprise that Watermelon Sugar is so abundant in flavour, even in hash form. 
Typically CBD hash has a mild flavour with a more earthy, piney profile. But, interestingly, this CBD hash captures the same flavour it presents in its flowers while drawing in those familiar earthy tones that we've come to love.
To enhance the sweet tropical experience, we recommend mixing our Watermelon Sugar hash with sweet strains like Gelato or Zkittlez

The Effects Of Watermelon Sugar Hash

Relaxed from CBD

After many puffs and lengthy testing, our team found this CBD hash to have a soothing, mellow, relaxing, uplifting effect. In addition, it made us chatty and social, even inducing munchies among some!
The effect of this CBD hash will have a lot to do with how you consume it and pair it. Most cannabis users mix CBD hash with tobacco or cannabis. We believe tobacco and cannabis can be a troublesome combination due to the addictive qualities of tobacco. If you combine Watermelon Sugar hash with a CBD flower, ensure that the flower pairs with the effects you're looking to experience. For example, you could try to mix an energising CBD flower strain with this CBD hash to experience a unique hybrid effect; the possibilities are endless!

How To Best Consume Watermelon Sugar Hash?

watermelon sugar cbd hash

There are many different ways to use our CBD hash:
  • Mix it with CBD flower
  • Mix it with tobacco
  • Vape it on its own
  • Vape it with CBD flower
  • Infuse the CBD hash into an oil
The fastest way to absorb it into your bloodstream for immediate effect is through inhalation. We enjoy mixing CBD hash with CBD flower in a joint and vaporising CBD hash on its own. They're two very different experiences that quickly have an immediate effect. One big difference between them is flavour. When you burn CBD hash, you release a lot of its flavour into the air. Vaporising CBD hash preserves the flavour more efficiently, offering a more pleasant flavour experience. 
Some people enjoy infusing CBD hash into cooking oils for edibles due to their discreetness and long-lasting effects. This method of consumption is excellent for those that want to add a watermelon kick to their edibles. 


We hope we've provided you with a good idea of what to expect with the new Watermelon Sugar hash. Our team has seen puffed on nearly every CBD variety out there, and even this CBD hash intrigued us - we've never seen something like it that closely resembles the taste and smell of watermelon candies. 
Get yours now to experience a taste of the summer and melt into a clear-headed and relaxed slumber!

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