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Using Dynavaps With Cannabis Concentrates: How To Take The Perfect Dab

dynavap cannabis concentrates

Dabbing has always been visually controversial. Even though it’s arguably one of the least unhealthy ways to inhale cannabis, the combination of often psychedelic glass and extremely large flames make it seem daunting. 10 years ago, the quality of cannabis concentrates available was not great, especially regarding CBD concentrates. As cannabis concentrates have advanced, so have our options for how to consume them. Gone are the days you have to look like a welder just to inhale a dab!

Dynavaps have bridged the gap between cannabis concentrates and the everyday cannabis consumer. Not only are they amazing herbal vaporizers, but they are also incredibly good for taking dabs. In this article we’re going to walk you through how to get going with cannabis concentrates using nothing more than a Dynavap, Dynacoil and  three flame Dynavap torch

What we like so much about the Dynavap is the ease at which it can be used, and how unthreatening it looks. On top of that, it delivers a truly high quality vapour experience with high potency, effects and especially flavour. Dynavaps are built to an exceptionally high quality, and it would not surprise us to hear that they can last a lifetime. This makes them sustainable unlike the majority of cannabis concentrate vaporizers. 

Different Types Of Cannabis Concentrates

different cannabis concentrates

Cannabis concentrates have become very popular over the past few years. This increased demand has been great for innovation, especially in the CBD space. Now you can find all kinds of legal cannabis concentrates offering delicious, pure and hard hitting forms of cannabis that can be stored in containers the size of a pack of gum. Some CBD concentrates are solid in appearance, like The Goods Wax or Shatter, and the opposite are runny concentrates like Diamonds & Sauce. Temperature can affect what form cannabis concentrates come in, cold temperatures make cannabis concentrates more solid, whereas warm temperatures cause cannabis concentrates to go more liquid in consistency.   

Essentially, cannabis concentrates are extracted forms of cannabinoids, often accompanied by terpenes (cannabis aroma). They are as potent as cannabis gets, and cut out a lot of the unnecessary parts of cannabis that you’ll find in the flower. Things like fibres and lipids are removed to leave behind an often amber/white coloured extract. 

Storing cannabis concentrates is the key to keeping them in good condition. CBD extracts from The Goods come sealed, and once you break the seal it is advised to put them in a fridge to prevent them from degrading. Putting cannabis concentrates in the fridge can also be good for the terpenes as it will reduce their molecular volatility and cause for the flavour to be more intact. 

Something that will come in handy when handling CBD concentrates is a handy dab tool. Ideally something made of Titanium that is durable and can sustain very high temperatures. You’ll want a Dab tool that can handle both stable and unstable cannabis concentrates so that when you want to add concentrates to your dynavap, you don’t waste any product. 

How Dabs Have Traditionally Been Taken

traditional dab

Traditionally a dab would be taken off what is called a dab rig, connected to a quartz glass banger. The glass banger would be heated up by a blow torch and a small rice grain of cannabis concentrate would be placed into the glass banger. The system would then be closed off with what is called a carb-cap so as to trap air, prevent extract from leaking out and maximise the amount of cannabis concentrate that makes contact with hot glass. 

Whilst this method works very well, it is hazardous. Many people who dab this way will have terrifying stories about how things have gone wrong, glass components burning them and then breaking, extracts dripping on furniture etc. The Dynavap clears up much of the risk, matches the traditional method in both flavour and effects, and best of all, it’s cheaper. 

Why Use Cannabis Concentrates Over Flowers?

cannabis concentrates

The biggest difference between flowers and cannabis concentrates is the average strength of the two products. In the CBD world, on average CBD strains can reach a max of 13% if the THC is at the EU regulated limits. CBD extracts on the other hand are much higher, as high as 99%. Because CBD concentrates are so much stronger than CBD flower, much smaller volumes need to be consumed in order to feel the same effects as CBD flower. The key with cannabis concentrates is to start small, it’s not too difficult to take more if needed. Thankfully the Dynavap is well designed for dosing small dabs. 

Cannabis concentrates can often have higher terpene % than CBD flowers since they are more concentrated. Terpenes are a big point of interest for cannabis fans around the world, they often drive the effects of cannabis concentrates and flowers, they also taste delicious. Lemon Drop from The Goods tastes like pure lemons, whereas lemon flower strains might taste and smell a bit like lemons, but nothing like the concentrate version. 

What Is The DynaCoil: The Dabbing Attachment

dynacoil dabbing attachment

The DynaCoil better optimizes the Dynavap for cannabis concentrates and requires no technical expertise to install. It is designed for all consistencies of cannabis concentrates, liquid, semi-solid and solid. This means you can use waxes, shatters, rosins, BHO extracts, distillates, badders etc. This little accessory will transform the Dynavap into a portable dabber, otherwise known as a dab pen. The Dynavap can still be used to take dabs without the DynaCoil, an improvised bed of flower or even cotton can be substituted. 

How To Take A Dab With A Dynavap?

dabbing with dynavap

Loading up and dabbing off the Dynavap is very easy and require the following steps:

  1. Remove the small screen found at the bottom of the Dynavap to prevent flowers from falling through the device. 
  2. Insert the DynaCoil into the oven of the Dynavap with the jagged edges facing out of the oven. 
  3. As the DynaCoil is inserted into the Dynavap, twist it clockwise slightly.
  4. Place a small half lentil sized portion of cannabis concentrate on the tip of the DynaCoil using a dab tool. 
  5. Place the cap over the oven so as to close off the system. 
  6. Hold the three flame Dynavap torch at a right angle to the tip and evenly heat up all sides of the VapCap. 
  7. Wait for the device to make a clicking sound, and remove flame. 
  8. Take a puff while holding down the air hole. 

Heating the Dynavap at different heights within the oven will offer different results. Heating the cap lower down will produce a higher temperature in the DynaCoil. After the initial heat up is complete, it is a good idea to focus on heating the middle of the chamber to maintain the perfect temperature range. 

If you want to improve the experience, attach the Dynavap to a glass pipe before assembling the dab. This is as easy as sliding the dynavap into a 10mm glass piece. This allows you to pass your dab through water to increase the vapour production, reduce the temperature and harshness of the hit and offer a safer medium to handle the hot Dynavap. 

Cleaning Your Dynavap

cleaning your dynavap

Cleaning the Dynavap after taking a dab is incredibly easy. Disassemble all the components - which takes about 20-30 seconds, and let them soak in ISO to remove any fat soluble cannabis residuals. This includes the DynaCoil which should just be twisted out from the oven with an anticlockwise motion and dropped into an ISO bath. 

Make sure to handle all these components with care, they will be very hot immediately after a session, wait 10 mins before handling.

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